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Drug Rehab Programs in Ohio that Accept Private Health Insurance 

 When searching for drug rehab centers in Ohio that accept health insurance, you will find there are many different types of treatment programs available. Using your insurance to cover the cost of treatment for addiction to drugs or alcohol will give the individual a choice as to what treatment or service will best work for their specific addiction. Finding the best drug rehab center suited to you can give you the best chance at long-lasting recovery. 

 You can get clean and sober with just 30 days spent at a drug rehab center that accepts your insurance. This will be done in a comfortable setting that is conducive to helping you recover. With health insurance, there are many more treatment options available to you than without insurance. Most insurance companies will have a list of preferred providers that the insurance company has contracted with called in-network providers. They will also offer out-of-network treatment options for their members. 

 There is no one size fits all treatment program for addiction to drugs or alcohol. When looking for a drug rehab center, it is important to find out the different types of therapy and treatment models used in treating addiction. Some programs that accept insurance may not be a good fit your you, while others may be exactly what you are looking for. Finding your own treatment program can have many benefits that you may not be aware of. Give us a call and we can help you determine what program would be best for your specific needs. 


How do you get Insurance to cover Private Inpatient Care? 

 Since the inception of the Affordable Care Act, insurance providers have been forced to provide what is called “minimum essential coverage requirements”, including mental health and substance abuse treatment. This has improved the accessibility of addiction treatment in the state of Ohio. Each insurance plan will offer different coverage for addiction treatment. Insurance bought through the marketplace can be purchased in 4 different plans including Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum with open enrolment starting in November. 

 Insurance plans can differ in network types and co-payment requirements. This depends on the plan you have chosen. HMO insurance will usually only cover in-network contracted addiction treatment programs in Ohio but will sometimes make allowances for out-of-network coverage depending on needs and recommendations from your primary care doctor. PPO insurance plans have in-network drug rehab programs that they recommend but will pay for out-of-network addiction treatment centers. 

What is the difference between in-network addiction treatment programs and out-of-network drug rehab centers?

 In-network drug and alcohol treatment programs in Ohio have contracted with the insurance providers to offer treatment at a lower cost, most of the time,  than out-of-network providers. Drug rehab centers in Ohio that are in-network with a health insurance provider can offer lower co-payments and deductibles usually 10% or more of savings on the costs of entering into a drug rehab center in Ohio.  

 Drug rehab centers that are out-of-network are not held to the constraints of what the network will pay for and usually can offer more amenities and recovery options. Out-of-network drug rehab centers can cost a bit more out of pocket and even sometimes less than in-network insurance coverage. This will depend on the addiction treatment program you have chosen. 

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How to find an in-network drug rehab center in Ohio

 For inpatient treatment options and detox programs that will accept your private health insurance give us a call today. We can help get you to the best treatment program that your insurance provider will cover. We can offer in-network and out of network programs so you can get the most out of your insurance plan.  Not all treatment centers are the same and choosing the best one for your individual needs can help ensure long-lasting recovery from addiction to drugs or alcohol. Addiction No More has in-network drug rehab programs that service Ohio, call us today and see if they are right for you. Depending on your provider and insurance policy your addiction treatment program may be free or at a considerably lower cost. 


Do all drug rehab centers in Ohio accept private health insurance?

 No, some programs will accept most private health insurance plans and others may not accept insurance at all. 


Will insurance cover all my treatment costs for inpatient drug rehabilitation programs in Ohio?

Private health insurance can cover anywhere from 100% of treatment to about 60% depending on insurance plans, premiums, deductibles, and copayments. Finding an in-network drug rehab center in Ohio can save the individual seeking treatment for an addiction a considerable amount of money in copayments and deductibles. 


Will my insurance pay for a private detox center in Ohio?

Most times detox can be covered in part through your health care plan depending on the addiction and drugs needing to be detoxified from will determine the level of care they will provide.


How do I find out if my private health insurance will cover inpatient drug rehab?

Private health insurance companies have been required to cover treatment for addiction through the ACA’s required 10 Elements of Essential Health Benefits that all healthcare providers are required to follow. 


Do drug rehab center programs accept Military insurance Tricare?

With recent changes to the VA, there have been more drug rehab centers that can now accept Tricare insurance. Veterans in need of treatment can now get into some of the best private drug rehab programs and have it covered by Tricare. 


We can help you locate in-network treatment programs for addiction. Give us a call and we can discuss if one of our programs is the best fit for you and the current addiction problem you are facing. 


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List of Drug and Alcohol Rehab Programs That will accept private health insurance in  Ohio


For a complete list, call us today.

DBA River Center Clinic offers inpatient treatment programs for eating disorders, inpatient drug rehab center programs, outpatient drug rehab, and partial hospital day alcohol and drug treatment programs. Treatment approaches used in addiction treatment plans can include trauma therapy sessions, cognitive behavior therapy, couples/family counseling, individual psychotherapy, behavior modification, and dialectical behavior therapy. This drug rehab center accepts private health insurance, cash or self payments, Medicaid, and state-financed insurance.   
Toledo Center for Eating Disorders
DBA River Center Clinic
5465 Main Street
Sylvania, OH 43560

Prospect House offers inpatient drug rehab center programs and intensive inpatient long-term drug rehab center programs. Treatment approaches used in therapy sessions may include a 12 step facilitation approach, REBT, CMMI, motivational interviewing, brief intervention approach, CBT, anger management, and trauma-related counseling sessions. This inpatient addiction treatment programs in Ohio accepts private health insurance, cash or self payments, and sliding fee scale payment plans.
Prospect House
682 Hawthorne Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45205

Wilson Hall offers residential drug rehab, halfway houses or sober living environments, long-term alcohol treatment programs, short-term drug rehabilitation center programs in Massillon, Ohio. Treatment approaches include 12 step facilitation approach, REBT, relapse prevention, motivational interviewing, anger management, and cognitive behavior therapy. This inpatient drug rehab center in Ohio accepts private health insurance, cash or self payments, and some state-financed insurance plans including Medicare.
CommQuest Services Inc
Wilson Hall Men’s Residential Facility
1680 Nave Road
Massillon, OH 44646

PsyCare offers outpatient drug and alcohol addiction treatment programs in Cortland, Ohio that will accept some private health insurance plans. Treatment approaches can include dual diagnosis drug rehab, CBT, DBT, behavior modification, one on one therapy, family counseling, and couple counseling. This drug rehab center accepts cash or self payments, private health insurance, Military insurance, TriCare, Medicaid, and Medicare.  
378 North High Street
Cortland, OH 44410

Elyria Medical Center offers an inpatient drug and alcohol treatment program that accepts Private Health Insurance in Ohio. Treatment approaches include dual diagnosis drug rehab, behavior modification, couples/family counseling, CBT, group therapy, and individual psychotherapy. This drug rehab center in Elyria, Ohio accepts private health insurance, cash or self-payments, and some state and federally funded insurance plans including TriCare. 
University Hospitals
Elyria Medical Center
630 East River Street
Elyria, OH 44035

Miami County Recovery Council in Troy, Ohio offers outpatient drug rehab programs and outpatient treatment programs for opioid abuse. Opioid treatment programs may include Naltrexone, Vivitrol, Acamprosate, and medications for psychiatric disorders. Treatment approaches can include a 12 step facilitation approach, trauma-related therapy sessions, motivational interviewing, CBT, REBT, anger management, brief intervention approach, and relapse prevention. This addiction treatment program in Ohio accepts private health insurance, cash or self payments, Military Insurance, and Medicaid.
Miami County Recovery Council
1059 North Market Street
Troy, OH 45373
937-335-4543 x143

Solutions Recovery Center offers outpatient treatment programs for substance abuse disorders as well as Buprenorphine or Vivitrol intensive outpatient treatment programs. The treatment approaches used in therapy can include DBT, CBT, CMMI, motivational interviewing, Matrix Model, brief intervention approach, Trauma-related counseling, and Relapse Prevention Programs. This drug rehab center and detox facility in Ohio accepts private health insurance, cash or self-payments, and Medicaid/Medicare. 
Solutions Recovery Center
50 Greenwood Lane
Springboro, OH 45066

Dayton Regional offers outpatient addiction treatment programs and mental health counseling sessions through their clinic in Dayton, Ohio. Treatment approaches used in drug and alcohol treatment programs include CBT, DBT, one on one therapy sessions, group processing therapy, family counseling, trauma therapy, Behavior Modification, and therapeutic foster care programs. This addiction treatment program in Ohio accepts private health insurance, cash or self-payments, and most federal and state-funded insurance plans Including military insurance TriCare. 
Dayton Regional 
4130 Linden Avenue
Dayton, OH 45432

Addiction No More tries to provide its users with the most updated information on each carrier’s substance abuse insurance coverage but due to ongoing policy changes, and contract changes, errors can occur. Please check with your insurance provider to confirm coverage levels directly.
Drug Rehabs in Ohio That Accept Insurance 
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Drug Rehabs in Ohio That Accept Insurance 
Addiction Treatment Services in Ohio that accept private healthcare and insurance.
Most drug rehab centers in Ohio will take your personal insurance. To find out if your insurance is accepted you can contact us at 1-866-391-6530. Inpatient drug treatment programs and detox centers in Ohio that can be paid for by your insurance are located near you and throughout the state. We can help you find treatment for addiction at little to no out-of-pocket cost to you, today.

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