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Each drug rehab center or treatment program has its own individual philosophies and treatment models used to treat addiction to drugs or alcohol. Exploring all of the available options before you make a decision, will improve your chances for long-lasting sobriety. Many treatment centers for substance abuse disorder (SUD) and alcohol overuse disorder (AOD) accept most major health insurance providers such as Aetna, Cigna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and United Healthcare. Payment plans to help offset the out-of-pocket expenses or co-pays. If you are looking for a program that takes Medicaid or Medicare, these programs are usually state-funded drug addiction programs that offer treatment for those who cannot afford to go to a private rehab center. Call to speak with an addiction specialist today. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Immediate enrollment. Located in the USA.

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Private Rehab Centers

Private Treatment Centers are among the most successful rehab programs for addiction. These centers offer a higher standard of treatment and can deliver a high-end program with better results. Luxurious environment for successful recovery.

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Insurance Accepted

Many insurance plans will pay 100% of drug rehabilitation. Find out how much your HMO or PPO insurance will cover for substance abuse and where to find in-network treatment today.

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Inpatient & Residential

Inpatient or Long-Term Drug Rehab is the most effective type of treatment for addiction to drugs or alcohol. Residential programs lengths can vary from 2 weeks to 1 year depending on the program chosen. 

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Dual diagnosis therapy treats mental illness and substance abuse

Dual Diagnosis

Dual Diagnosis Treatment is a method of treatment in which a person is diagnosed with both a substance use disorder and a mental health disorder. Many of the centers treat the individual by using an integrated approach.

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Women Only

Women’s rehabilitation programs focus on treatment of substance abuse, and co-occurring mental disorders, in an all-female setting. Specialized programs offer many options to make treatment accessible to women based on their needs.

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Locate drug detox centers near me

Detox Centers

Withdrawing from drugs or alcohol can be associated with being sick, muscle cramps, anxiety, sleeplessness, seizures, and even death. Medically supervised, painless detox minimizes the symptoms of withdrawal and in most cases is pain-free.

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Intervention Services

An intervention can help when you have a person in your life that has a problem and they do not want to receive help. Call us before you decide to begin a family intervention. You will only get one chance to do this right. 

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Veteran Services

Addiction treatment centers can now accept Tricare insurance. We can help Veterans and their families seek treatment and detox programs whether they are insured or not. CALL NOW

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Start your ROAD TO RECOVERY today. 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Immediate service. Located in the USA. Medicaid, Medicare, TRICARE, and most major insurance accepted. Addiction treatment specialists are standing by to answer any questions you have. CALL NOW FOR IMMEDIATE ASSISTANCE

Reclaim Your Life Today

The addiction specialists, counselors, and licensed therapists who work with Addiction No More ® strive to help our clients find the best drug rehab centers in the USA. People who complete residential inpatient treatment have a significantly better chance of remaining abstinent from drugs or alcohol. Long-term drug rehab centers that last for 60 to 90 days, give the best success rates. When looking for treatment for addiction, be sure to look outside of your area as well. It is sometimes beneficial for the client to go to treatment further away from home. Getting away from temptations and friends who may still be using is often better for many people. Clients who go to rehab in another state also have a harder time leaving treatment early as well. Depending on the situation, our counselors may suggest looking for substance abuse programs that are a plane flight away. This will give you better choices for treatment and help you find the most affordable inpatient drug rehab for yourself or for a loved one. You can call us now for more information on where to locate a treatment center anywhere in the United States. 1-800-513-5423.

drug addiction

Signs of Addiction

Learn if your family member or a loved one has an addiction that needs to be addressed. Learn the signs of addiction so you can help them or yourself stop the viscous cycle before addiction takes over your life.
am i an enabler

Signs You are an Enabler

Know the signs of enabling and understanding the difference between helping and enabling, and where to draw the line so you don't become an enabler. Enabling an addict can lead them to longer periods of addiction and sometimes even life threatening events.
how to help an addict

How To Help Someone With an Addiction

When you find out a friend or loved one has an addiction problem, what do you do? Confronting someone that is addicted to drugs can help them overcome their addiction and get them the help that they need.
how much does rehab cost

How Much Does Rehab Cost

The cost of treatment for addiction to drugs or alcohol can be a determining factor as to where you go for treatment and how long treatment will last. There are free programs for addiction available to the general public or there are expensive private rehabs you can enter.

Addiction Blog Posts

Overcoming Addiction and Relapse Triggers

Overcoming Addiction TriggersTriggers and cravings for alcohol when you are trying to stop are the main reasons someone relapses. How do I avoid triggers and what should I do when I’m craving alcohol during abstinence?Stopping binge drinking has been one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. It seems like

Dreams of Relapse

Dreams of Relapse and Non-Alcoholic DreamsHello friends! I am a few days past my 90th sober day! I’ve noticed that I’ve been having dreams about avoiding alcohol. Never in my life would I expect to be dreaming about saying NO TO ALCOHOL! But here we are. Most of these dreams

Sober New Start

Sober New StartHappy New Year 2024! We had a great holiday with our family and friends. Christmas and New Year’s Eve are huge party times in a lot of our lives and it can be really hard on people who are fresh in their sobriety or for people with depression.

Frequently Asked Questions

Locating an affordable, effective rehab center is the first and most important step in the recovery process. This is where we come in. Our admission specialists are here to help you understand the different types of therapy, treatment models, and rehab programs available near your area. If you are wanting to find a facility that is in another area, or in a different state, we can assist you in finding whatever your need. Our counselors can help you make an informed decision as to which type of rehab center would be best for your individual needs and wants. When you look at all the available options before you make a decision, as to which rehab center to enter, it will improve your chances of maintaining a long-lasting recovery. Many of our substance abuse treatment programs will be able to take your insurance, Many of our treatment centers are in-network with most insurance providers. Everyone has unique needs. We can help you find the best drug or alcohol treatment program. At Addiction No More we strive to help people connect to the top rehab centers across the country. Our 24-hour helpline is offered free of charge and is part of a public benefit service. Our counselors and volunteers know what it takes to achieve a life without drugs. They will guide you to the best treatment program for your addiction. Recent studies on the success rates of addiction treatment programs have shown that people completing treatment at a long-term inpatient drug rehab have a substantially higher success remaining drug and alcohol-free than those who enter into a 21-30 day program. Accordingly, looking at treatment centers that offer long-term care programs 60-day, and 90-day programs in addition to those that only last for 21-30 days will greatly increase your chances of achieving long-lasting sobriety. Researching treatment centers is as easy as giving us a call or filling out one of our free online assessment forms. Trying to find a one size fits all center is never a good option for treatment. Everyone is an individual and has needs that are unique to them in recovery.

When researching treatment programs, you need to make sure you consider several factors before making a decision. No one program is right for everyone. When you look at what each program specializes in, you will be able to make an informed decision as to what each inpatient drug or alcohol program has to offer.

When a person has a problem with alcohol, entering into a program that specializes in alcohol treatment and detox will be a better program than one that treats drug addiction. Different types and classifications of drugs can require specialized treatment and detox. Prescription drug addiction may require detox or other specialized medication regimens that other drugs do not require. We can help you find the proper treatment for any addiction or mental health issue.

All inpatient drug rehab centers have their niche. Some are designed to treat those that want an executive-type setting with luxurious settings, while others can specialize in the treatment of women or the LGBT community. Choosing the right center will greatly increase your success and productivity while in drug rehab.

Being comfortable in treatment for addiction will help improve your attitude and state of mind while undergoing intensive therapy for addiction. Having to stay in an inpatient treatment program for 30-90 days, the surroundings should be as pleasant and as comfortable as possible. Some of the inpatient treatment programs offer luxurious accommodations and amenities. Depending on your financial means, some programs can be spa-like, luxury resorts.

A lot of inpatient drug rehabs focus on the 12 steps to Recovery coupled with therapy. You may not want to enter into a faith-based or 12-step program or any program that adheres to the \"disease model\" for addiction. Many rehab centers will treat addiction as a condition that can be changed and overcome. Different types of therapy and programs are offered at different centers.

Finding effective and affordable treatment programs for addiction starts with a phone consultation with one of our counselors. To verify your insurance and see if one of our programs is the right fit for your current needs, call us now. Counselors are ready to assist you with locating a rehab center today or to answer any questions you may have. 24/7 service.

Insurance will pay for substance abuse and mental health therapies. They can help you find a drug rehab facility or detox center for yourself or for a loved one. We specialize in finding the treatment program that will best suit the person’s needs while giving them the tools to not only get sober but also sustain life-long sobriety. We can also help set up after-care or sober living.

VA insurance does include rehabilitation for substance abuse, mental health, and other co-occurring disorders. Veterans can now get treatment through some private rehab programs for addiction. Substance abuse therapy for veterans may include drug addiction treatment, alcohol rehab centers, PTSD treatment programs, and mental health counseling services. For more information on our Veterans Rehab Services, call this number.

The most common therapy used in drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs is CBT. With that being said there are many different forms of therapy used in the treatment of a substance abuse disorder. These are the 10 most common therapies that a person can encounter while undergoing an inpatient drug or alcohol rehab center: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Contingency Management, Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Family or Couples Therapy, 12-step Facilitation Approach, EDMR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), Matrix Model, and One on One Therapy.

Most rehab centers that have been in business for a few years will be able to give you references. Before a reference can be given, the person or persons that have gone through treatment at the facility will need to have waived their right to privacy and be willing to discuss their case with the persons seeking a reference. So to answer this question we would have to say yes, maybe, and no depending on the center and its policies.

Yes, there are programs rooted in evidence-based therapy and treatment models. To find out more about a specific rehab facility and if their treatment plan is evidence-based, give us a call and we can help you determine if that method is what you are looking for. Some drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers offer several different treatment programs at the same facility to ensure that a well-rounded individual treatment plan can be delivered.

For a treatment program to be able to accept insurance they have to be accepted by the insurance company, be state-certified, and inspected to ensure that they are in compliance with state and local governments. Depending on the state where you are seeking to enter into a drug rehab center will determine what certifications are needed to operate a treatment program. Different rules apply to outpatient drug rehab centers and partial hospitalization day treatment programs which are usually easier to get a license for.

When choosing an addiction recovery provider it is important to make sure that they are accredited and have a license from the state that covers their treatment program offerings. All of this information can be found online through a simple search and is publically available to everyone. Clinical and medical compatibility with addiction is very important to take into account. If the center does not ask for a comprehensive list of medications, medical history, alcohol consumption, or illegal substances abused they may not be able to handle certain addictions safely.

We believe that getting help for substance abuse disorder is a personal right and everyone should have the opportunity to find effective and affordable treatment for addictions to drugs or alcohol. If cannot help you, we recommend using the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) provider directory at SAMHSA.gov.

Addiction No More does not receive fees or commissions dependent on which treatment provider you choose. This is a no-cost service offered to you and there is no obligation to enter into any treatment program suggested by us. If one of the providers you have chosen does not seem a good fit for you, we recommend that the provider give you options outside of their network that will better fit your needs for treatment.

A Word from Our Clients

I spoke with one of your counselors yesterday and they helped me understand so much more. Thank you so much for the information and the help and support. Brooke D. (Michigan) 23

testimonials for addiction

Brooke D. 23

Thank You for helping me and I went for treatment and I am now in recovery and staying clean. It has been 27 days today.

testimonials for addiction


Hi, my name is Johnny. In 2010, my first girlfriend passed away, that is when my addiction started, and it lasted for about 3 years after that. I never thought about anyone but myself when I was high on everything. I went into so many rehabs, and whenever I relapsed I would check myself back in. I am now 21, with no drugs in my body thanks to the rehab center that you recommended. I recently fell in love with my best friend who has helped me push through my addictions. I have been completely without drugs for almost 2 years now and I thank you. J.T.

testimonials for addiction

Johnny Travis

Thank you so much for helping me find a rehab center. I didn't know where to turn. I have been clean for 5 months now thanks to you all.

Mindy S.

I want to express my appreciation to the services I received from this website and to all involved in helping me with a situation involving someone who's life is important to me. This was such a helpful website. I was extremely moved by your willingness to help another struggling addict. Being an addict in recovery myself, I can relate to wanting to help another out of this self destructive disease of addiction. To be able to pass this gift on to another human and witness the transformation is the most incredible experience. Once again thank you from heart. Jan Downey Santa Cruz, Ca. clean & sober 6.5 yrs.

testimonials for addiction

Jan Downey

Thank you, Addiction no More for helping me find the best rehab center for my son.

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“I am so thrilled to tell you that, with your help, we have gotten George into the treatment center you recommended. He is doing well and wanted to thank, you personally. Without your help finding an interventionist, we were getting nowhere, so thank you very very much, and keep up the good work!” Roberta Johnston

Testimonial for Addiction No More

Roberta Johnston

Hey guys remember me? I'm getting married next month. I have been drug free for three months now and I am doing awesome! I have a new job and did I mention I'm getting married! Wow, who would have thought this would have happened, just a few months ago I was doing a lot of things I'm not very proud of but that is all behind me now. I just wanted to say Thank You for everything you have done and did for me. Without your help who knows what would have happened to me or where I would have been. Thanks for everything, B.C.

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Thank you Addiction No More staff. You were there for me when I thought there was no hope! I have been without drugs for 7 months now. I can't believe what I used to be like, its like a new life for me. I can now look at myself in the mirror and you know what? I like what I see! I have made it and if it wasn't for your help I don't think I would have. Thanks again, George

Couple in recovery

Alice and George P.