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Erik Epp has worked in the field of addiction for over 20 years. After going to rehab himself back in 2001, he then went on to work as a counselor for a drug rehabilitation facility. During his 5 years as a counselor, he helped thousands of addicts receive treatment they needed for their substance abuse issues. He then went on to help families convince their loved ones to get the help they need through holding interventions. He started a blog website in 2002 to help addicts by sharing his stories and expertise. He quickly saw how addiction has been tearing apart families and relationships, and decided to make his life work helping families get their loved ones back from the chains of addiction. With drug and alcohol problems continually rising in the United States he decided the best way to educate people was to build a few websites so he could reach more people and help them find sobriety. Erik is one of the leaders in the field of drug and alcohol rehabilitation with over 20 years of experience behind him. His focus on helping people relies on education, prevention, and rehabilitation. Erik continues to be at the forefront of technology to help as many addicts achieve the life of sobriety that they are looking for.
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