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Xanax Addiction Treatment Centers

Treatment for Xanax addiction becomes a necessity when an individual finds themselves feeling the signs of physical dependency and the possible life-endangering withdrawal symptoms that can ensue thereafter.  Xanax is the brand name for a Benzodiazepine (Alprazolam) specifically designed to be a fast-acting anxiety medication used to stop panic attacks, anxiety, nervousness, tension, and other symptoms that can benefit from slowing down the central nervous system.

Xanax addiction treatment programs offered at drug rehab centers can have the best results when used in conjunction with mental health care. Determining if you need inpatient treatment can be one of the hardest decisions to make. We can help you determine what, if any, formal treatment will be necessary to handle your current state of dependency and addictive behavioral patterns that have ensued thereof. 

 Even though Xanax has beneficial uses, there is a high rate of dependency and abuse once you start using more than the prescribed dosage to feel a high or a sense of euphoria. Prolonged abuse can lead to dependency and the need for medical detox.

Do You Need a Detox for Xanax addiction or dependence?

Xanax is a fast-acting benzodiazepine that has a life of about 12-24  hours depending on habitual usage patterns and dosages.  Treatment and detox needs can vary from person to person. Some detox can be managed through an at-home taper-down program in your area. You may need to go to an inpatient detoxification facility to ensure that you are not going to have life-threatening complications from stopping your medications. Treatment protocol can be determined in a short phone conversation that is free to the public.


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Inpatient Detox Centers for Xanax Dependence 

Discontinuing the use of any psychiatric medication. There can be life-threatening complications when you stop using Xanax “cold-turkey”.  Detox from Xanax can be brutal for those who have experienced it. The sickness can last days, into weeks depending on the individual. When someone takes Xanax not as prescribed, but for its desirable euphoric effects, there can become a physical dependency that can make the entire body need the drug to be able to operate properly. This is called dependency and that can have some serious life-changing consequences. 
Xanax withdrawal symptoms can start hitting their peak within 1-4 days depending on usage habits. During this period of time, the individual can experience mild to severe withdrawal symptoms that can be life-threatening. People withdrawing from Xanax can experience the following symptoms.

Headaches, Blurred vision, Tremors, Diarrhea, Muscle,  Numb fingers, pain, Sensitivity to light and sound, Loss of appetite, Insomnia, Heart palpitations, Anxiety, Paranoia, Sweating, Seizures.
Detox programs for a Xanax addiction will often use a different, longer-acting, Benzodiazepine like Klonopin to help taper a person down ensuring a safe and pain-free detox program before entering into treatment for Xanax addiction behaviors. Detox Programs for Xanax dependency will last from days, up to weeks, depending on the severity of the dependency and addiction. Safe taper-down programs can often yield the best and safest results. 

We Can Help You Find Inpatient Xanax Rehab Centers and Drug Addiction Treatment Programs

Locating a rehab program that offers treatment for addiction, as well as a detox for Xanax abuse, can be hard to do. Unlike some of the other drugs you can become dependant on,  Xanax is one of the few that can have life-threatening side effects if stopped abruptly by a heavy user. Treatment should include first and foremost a medical detoxification component to ensure a safe detoxification program.   

Most treatment programs for Xanax addiction will recommend an inpatient drug rehab center that is at least 30 days long with a recommendation of a 60 day or longer program for addiction to Xanax and other Benzodiazepines. Long-term inpatient drug rehab centers see the best results for those seeking to either change their anxiety medications or wean completely off the drug and learn how to live without the need for that medication. 

Are You Addicted to Xanax? Know the signs

When you start to develop a dependency on Xanax, there are a few signals along the way that can give you a sign that you might be a developing problem.  Knowing the signs of early-onset dependency can really help an individual avoid a full-blown physical dependency. 

Early signs of Xanax dependence can include: 
  • Physical and mental discomfort when a dose is missed stopped, or late
  • Your life is becoming unmanageable or starting to seem so 
  • Problem-solving skills become diminished or even non-existent, poor memory, comprehension skills foggy
  • Body dysfunctional problems such as slurred speech, dizziness, drowsiness, feeling weak, poor coordination.
  • Running out of your prescription early
  • Going to the emergency room to get more Xanax because you ran out
  • Neglecting responsibilities
inpatient rehab vs outpatient rehab

Inpatient Drug Rehab Versus Outpatient Facilities

Treatment for Xanax dependency can vary greatly from a stand-alone detox program to entering into a long-term drug treatment program. Most people who have become addicted to their anxiety medications have been prescribed the drug for a very real mental health concern. With that being said, there are great advantages to entering into a Dual Diagnosis Treatment Program for Xanax addiction. A dual diagnosis rehab center will be able to change your medications and try to handle the underlying condition without the need for more Benzodiazepine therapy. 

Depending on your specific circumstances and life requirements, there may not be the time for someone to be able to distance themselves from life for treatment. Outpatient treatment centers can offer an option for those needing to continue working while recovering from a Xanax dependency. Most outpatient drug rehab centers will be able to assist in the therapy needs and be able to refer you to detox and psychiatric help to assist in medication replacement therapy.

After Care Residential Treatment, Sober Living Xanax Treatment Centers

Aftercare is an integral part of the treatment for Xanax addiction. Aftercare planning will help the transitional uncertainties that those in early recovery struggle the most with. Having a plan of attack once you get home will ensure that you get the most out of your early recovery and a strong foundation to build your new life. 

What is the cost of treatment for Xanax addiction?

Treatment and detox costs can vary from treatment center to treatment center depending on the amenities offered and the type of treatment you enter into. There are programs for Xanax that are free of charge through the state that can help those without insurance or the finances to enter into a private treatment program for drug addiction. Treatment costs for a private treatment program without a detox component are around $10,000-$40,000 a month, and with detox, it can be at least $5000 more without insurance. If you have private healthcare insurance there is a co-pay for all mental health needs. There are programs that will offer long-term financing options for drug rehab treatment programs. Some Xanax rehab centers also operate on a sliding fee scale for those without insurance

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I Want to Find an Executive or Luxury Rehab Center

If you are looking for a luxurious private treatment program for Xanax addiction there are many throughout the country to choose from. Most of the ultra-private treatment programs offer many different eastern and western practices to ensure that their clients receive the best possible treatment in a luxurious setting. Treatment at a luxury treatment center can start at $20,000 a month and up to 80,000 for some Private Drug Rehabilitation Facilities in Malibu.

Should I travel for drug rehab or stay local?

When a person has decided to get help for their dependency on Xanax or other prescription medications, figuring out where to get help can be a hard decision to make. There are many factors to take into account before making this decision. There are pros and cons for staying local or going away for treatment. It is always recommended to get help away from your area if you are having apprehensions about treatment. Staying close to home allows for an easy check-out if things get rough, and they will, we guarantee it. Family therapy and spousal couples therapy is easier when you stay locally but those things can also be done with a proper aftercare outpatient follow-up program after inpatient treatment for addiction is completed. 

intervention services

How to get someone help for a Xanax addiction that doesn’t want it

When you feel that someone you love is becoming addicted and out of control with their Xanax addiction, a professional Intervention may be the only solution. Interventions for someone who is prescribed medication can be one of the most difficult tasks to undertake on your own. For this reason alone, we always recommend that you hire a professional interventionist to convince your loved one to agree to get help for their addiction to Xanax. Treatment and detox services will be arranged prior to the intervention taking place to ensure a seamless transition from intervention to the rehabilitation intake process. 
It is never too late to stop an Addiction to Xanax. Treatment programs are the best solution for those seeking to end the cycle of addiction. Treating any addiction starts with one simple step. Just letting go of our pride for just one small minute, a fraction of a second, long enough to realize that you cannot do this on your own and need help. That moment in time is the key. That key opens many new doors and can lead to a life without the need for Xanax. 

Most people who enter into treatment for a Xanax addiction have been prescribed their medications for a real mental health problem of concern. This can lead people to believe that Xanax is safe and “not that addictive” but this is not the case at all. Xanax is one of the most heavily abused Benzodiazepines due to its ease of access through local family doctor’s offices. 
If you think you or a loved one has a problem with Xanax or any other prescription medication, please call immediately. We can help guide you to the local detox facility or rehab center today.  


Xanax Treatment and Detox

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