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Residential Addiction Treatment Programs

Inpatient Drug Rehab is the most effective type of treatment for addiction to drugs or alcohol. Residential Addiction Programs length can vary from 2 weeks to 1 year depending on the program chosen. Inpatient Treatment centers for addiction should be followed up by an aftercare program to ensure that the aftercare plan is followed, which allows for an easy transition back home.

Inpatient Drug Rehabilitation Centers

When looking at the options of entering an inpatient treatment center for addiction, one question is always in the back of our mind. ‘Will I really need to go to an inpatient facility, if can I handle my addiction to alcohol or other drugs, with therapy at an outpatient treatment program?’ If you have tried to quit and have been having problems staying sober, it is safe to say that an inpatient treatment center is the right choice for you.

Inpatient Rehabilitation Centers 
VS. Outpatient Treatment Programs? 

Residential treatment centers can open the door to long-lasting sobriety and the ability to put yourself in a safe and loving environment when you need it the most. With the temptations of everyday life and the ability to self-medicate when you are at home, increases the chances of failing. You can greatly increase your chances of succeeding by entering into a residential treatment center for 30-90 days.

Outpatient rehab centers offer treatment for substance abusers that cannot take time away from their busy schedules for treatment. Often, outpatient rehab is used as the first defense against a developing addiction. Outpatient treatment is used to define treatment options that can vary from going to 12 Step Meetings to partial hospitalization treatment programs.

How Long Should I stay in A Residential Addiction Recovery Program or Inpatient Treatment Center?

This question can be very hard to answer without the case information of the individual. The length of stay at a residential treatment center, can range from 2 weeks and up to 2 years depending on the program and the level of commitment from the individual. The better residential programs will encourage their clients to try to stay 45- 90 days of treatment. For some people who cannot take that much time off of work, can achieve the same result with a shorter, comprehensive treatment at a residential treatment program and FOLLOW UP WITH A GOOD OUTPATIENT AFTERCARE PROGRAM.

Call us and we can help you set up your recovery program as well as your aftercare program. 


How do I find an effective residential treatment program that specifically addresses my addiction?

When evaluating treatment centers it is important to make sure that your addiction can be handled at the facility that you choose. Different drugs can require different treatment models as well as detoxification, to make the treatment effective.

What is the difference between programs and centers?

While some treatment centers can offer treatment for Executives, Holistic and natural healing, centers for Women or LGBT individuals, you might think about a specialized residential treatment center that will specialize in treatment based on your specific needs. If you would feel more comfortable in a specialized residential program, you may want to consider one of those options.


What types of therapy and treatment are available?

Most inpatient treatment centers offer CBT, DBT Therapyand 12 step philosophies to handle addiction. A few centers around the country also are working with holistic and alternative therapies. Some people do not want their family involved in their treatment and some programs require that you have therapy with your family. This can be beneficial or damaging depending on the situation and the attitude of the family. Often times, the blame game is played and this can be counterproductive to the treatment process.

Try to talk to a few treatment centers in and outside your area before committing to treatment. Treatment should and can be life changing so make sure that you understand what they offer so you can make an informed decision before committing to inpatient treatment at their center.

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Are residential treatment centers confidential?

We have found that some treatment centers are better at confidentiality than others. There are treatment centers that hide their true identity as resorts and vacation rentals to help people who need anonymity. People that need this level of privacy, might want to look into these types of programs so no one finds out that they are looking for rehab treatment to handle their drug or alcohol addiction. Give us a call if you need to locate a Private inpatient drug and alcohol treatment center free of charge.

Call our confidential hotline today. This is a free call and is 100% confidential. 


What is the cost of treatment at a residential treatment center?

Drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers can be expensive. Make sure to talk to the intake counselor about the cost of treatment that you will be responsible for. Often times, we are wanting to use our insurance to cover the cost of treatment. Even with insurance, there is usually a co-pay that the client is responsible for and this can vary from policy to provider.

We can verify your insurance and see what is covered and not covered. When involving your insurance for the treatment, this involves paperwork that can be traced by a very determined person seeking information. If anonymity is your main stop when seeking help, it might be advantageous not to include your insurance company.

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What are the living areas like in residential treatment centers?

Remember when entering a treatment center for addiction, that you will be staying at the center for a minimum of 30 days. Accommodations at a treatment center for addiction can vary from luxurious hotel-like settings to dorm room accommodations. Usually, there are 2 people to a room and most centers know how important it is to feel comfortable while in treatment. Your surroundings can dictate mood and attitude and for this reason, most centers that offer private inpatient treatment are in serene settings.

Locating the best residential treatment center for addiction in or outside of your area.

When you are ready to take the next step in recovery from drugs or alcohol, give us a call.  We will start the process with you and answer any questions you may have about residential treatment centers. We can also get you in touch with several treatment centers that can address your addiction to drugs or alcohol.

It can take time and at sometimes be overwhelming to try to find the right center that can address your specific need in treatment. We have compiled a database of treatment centers around the country that have varying treatment models and methodologies. There is a cure for addiction, with the right treatment and determination you can overcome it.


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Residential Drug Rehab Centers
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Residential Drug Rehab Centers
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Inpatient Drug Rehab is the most effective type of treatment for addiction to drugs or alcohol. Program length can vary from 2 weeks to 1 year depending on the program chosen. Inpatient Treatment centers should be followed up by an aftercare program to insure that the aftercare plan is followed, which allows for an easy transition back home.

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