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High-Quality Treatment in a Luxury Setting

How to locate the best drug rehab center with high success rates. The best route to take when looking for a high-end addiction rehab center would be the location of the facility, services offered, accommodations, therapies, success rate, and amenities the up-scale addiction treatment facility offers. The cost of treatment doesn’t always equate to the level of care, amenities offered, or even accommodations.

When searching for a luxury rehab program the location and setting can help a person overcome some of the stresses involved on the road to recovery. The quality of care offered to clients that choose an ultra-private rehab center can vary from center to center. Exclusive treatment centers will help the client feel comfortable with the availability of private rooms, activities, and amenities that will keep the client engaged while undergoing therapy.

What are the settings and accommodations like in a luxury addiction rehab center? When thinking of luxury substance abuse treatment what comes to mind are the celebrity drug rehab centers featured on reality tv programs, that offer treatment for addiction in lavish and secluded beachfront, and mountain resorts. These peaceful rehab setting facilities have private rooms, beautiful grounds, and high-end furnishings. These programs offer the most educated therapists and medical personnel while offering spa-like activities creating and feeling of a vacation rather than a substance abuse treatment program. This type of high-end treatment facility can provide rehabilitation programs for CEOs, celebrities, musicians, and athletes, who may need to conduct business while enrolled in a treatment program for addiction. The use of computers, cell phones, and outside communication will be allowed at some retreats like drug rehab centers. These high-end treatment centers understand the need to conduct business to keep up with the busy life of an executive and provide areas and time for this type of activity that is necessary to the client.

Some people will need to find an ultra-private rehab center to ensure anonymity and privacy. These types of private drug treatment facilities offer programs that will do their best to ensure that no one finds out about your time in treatment while enrolled and discharged from their high-end rehab facility. When clients are looking for an ultra-private rehab center it is important to stay away from the more advertised centers that may have freelancers looking to scoop a story for a paycheck. Some of the more popular treatment programs have people that watch their center for celebrities and executives that are seeking treatment at the center to report to news organizations.

For questions about which luxury substance abuse treatment and alcohol addiction are the most private, our team of admissions counselors is available 24/7 to listen and give you options for you to take the next step.


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What are the amenities offered at a luxury rehab center? Luxury rehab centers offer amenities that you will only encounter at high-end retreat-like rehab centers. Individual expensive addiction treatment centers’ amenities may include but are not limited to the following: Peaceful rehab setting, private rooms with separate showers, fitness center, exercise gyms and wellness programs, chiropractor, massage therapy, acupuncture, other physical therapy, sauna, swimming pool, library, game room, movie room, gourmet dining, nutritional classes, and weight loss plans, yoga, meditation, spiritual counseling, golf, surfing, fishing, beaches, outdoor activities, music studios, tennis, room and concierge services. Treatment services may include Traditional treatment programs, holistic therapy, Faith & Non-Faith Based, Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT), and onsite medical detox. Due to the size of some of these luxury alcohol and drug rehab centers, they will allow for more of an individualized treatment with a higher than average client to staff ratio while supplying a comfortable and luxurious setting ensuring the client has the amenities that they are used to in their lives back home. Many of the higher-end drug rehab retreats can offer holistic and natural treatment programs for addictions. They treat the individual as a whole by working on the mind-body and spirit at the same time while delivering an effective rehab program. Working on your mind body and spirit will include exercise, spiritual reinforcement, nutritional therapy, and environmental activities/therapy.

What is the cost of a luxury rehab center? The cost of a luxury treatment facility can vary depending on the amenities that the individual wants to have available during their stay at a high-end rehab. Many of the bigger named insurance providers may cover some or all of treatment depending on whether they are in-network with the provider. Most high-end substance abuse treatment centers start at $30,000 a month, up to $75,000 a month for the 5-star rehabs. If you are interested to find out if your insurance will cover one of our luxury rehab centers give us a call and we will verify your insurance.

We can help you determine what is most important to you while you are undergoing substance abuse counseling. Luxury rehab programs will do their best to accommodate your needs but can be constrained by location and program offerings when looking for specific amenities during your program. Mountain retreats will offer services including skiing and hiking depending on the location. Some high-end rehab centers are located on the beach and can offer beach activities and private pools. Depending on what is important to make your recovery comfortable will determine which program will best suit your needs.

Give us a call if you would like to discuss exclusive treatment programs in your area. Going outside of your area or state may open up better choices of programs that will offer the type of treatment you would like and make your stay more comfortable. This will keep you engaged in the addiction treatment program. With all that being said you must first remember that the main goal of substance abuse treatment is to treat the addiction itself. This should be the main focus of your search for a luxury drug rehab. Make sure that you are getting the actual treatment you are paying for and a program that will not invalidate your values and spirituality. Entering into a premium treatment program can be great but the type of therapy offered should also be high on your list to ensure you receive the substance abuse help you are looking for.


Luxury Rehab Centers with High Success Rates
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Luxury Rehab Centers with High Success Rates
High-Quality Treatment in a Luxury Setting
Spa-like, retreat-style rehab experience. Keep your phone. Medically assisted detox. We accept your insurance. PPO/HMO, Tricare accepted. We can help you locate a luxury style rehab center for addiction today.