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Heroin Addiction

Heroin derives from morphine that is harvested from the seedpod of certain poppy plant varieties. The opium that is harvested from the poppy-seed has been cultivated and harvested for more than 5,000 years for use in many ailments and pain management. The first record of heroin was synthesized from morphine in and around 1874. Bayer, a German pharmaceutical company, marketed heroin from, 1874- 1910, as a cough suppressant, as a morphine substitute that is non-addictive. It was soon realized that heroin metabolizes quite rapidly in the system into morphine, after only a year of sales, Bayer was exporting heroin to 23 countries.

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Heroin-related deaths and addiction rates are at a level that has never been seen in the United States before. From 2011 to 2014 there has been a steep rise in the number of heroin-related deaths; over 10,000 overdoses alone in 2014, which is compared to 2002 where there were just over 2,000. With the steady rise in addiction rates, there needs to be something done before this addiction soon becomes an epidemic nationally. Recent strategies have been put into action that allows for easier access to Narcan ( the crucial life-saving drug) and the training of staff at schools and other public places helps prevent, recognize, and respond to overdoses.

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Surviving a Heroin Overdose

Heroin overdoses are similar to heart attack response, it depends greatly on the response time of the medical intervention. Most deaths from overdosed occur within 1-3 hours after the individual ingested, or injected their drugs. Some states have a 911 “Good Samaritan” immunity laws that protect and offer immunity to someone who is trying to help another addict who is overdosing on drugs. This type of law is something that all states and townships should have, to help people feel safe when trying to help someone who is overdosing on heroin. Faster response times for heroin overdoses can be the difference between life and death. Taking out the worry if you are going to go to jail because your friend overdosed can help get them the help they need quicker.

People that use heroin are at a greater risk of becoming not only mentally dependent but physically dependent as well. Withdrawal symptoms from heroin start to set in within 6-24 hours depending on the level of intake of the drug. Symptoms can include but not excluded to sweating, muscle aches, and cramps, anxiety, depression, chills, nausea, diarrhea, and fever.

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The Effects on your body from using Heroin

Injecting heroin increases the risks of lethal overdoses by allowing large amounts of heroin to enter the bloodstream all at once. Smoking and snorting heroin can lead to overdoses especially if the user has a low tolerance to the drug and adds on other substance to the mix, or overestimates the amount they are using. Heroin can be less potent or more potent depending on the level of cut and the purity of the drug that has been purchased. Most overdoses occur when a person underestimates the purity of the drug and uses the same amount the did previously. Overdoses can be prevented by educating loved ones and getting them trained to spot overdoses when they are in the early stages and get them the life-saving drug Naloxone.

Street Heroin can range in color from white to dark brown powder, brown tar to black tar depending on the cut and process it went through. The darker the color usually means that there is more cut in the heroin and the potency is lower. Do not be deceived though, some people use darker ingredients that will dye the heroin deceiving the user into thinking they need more of the drug for the desired effect. 

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Heroin has many nicknames and street names

Black, Black Eagle, Black Pearl, Black Stuff, Black Tar, Brown, Brown Crystal, Brown Rhine, Brown Sugar, Brown Tape, Chiba, Chieva, Chiva, Dope,Dragon, H, Big H, Hera, Hero, Heron, Heroine, China White, Mexican Brown, Mexican Horse, Mexican Mud, Junk, Sack, Scag, Scat, Skunk, Smack, White, Snow, Snowball, Tar, White Boy, White Girl, White Horse, White Lady, White Nurse, White Stuff, 
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