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Heroin Addiction Treatment Programs in Delaware

Treating Heroin Addiction in Delaware and finding a reputable treatment program can save the life of someone you love. Heroin addiction can lead a person to do things that they would not normally do under regular circumstances. With the overdose rate rising in the state, getting someone to treatment is the best solution to help save your life or the life of someone who you love. Our counselors are waiting for your call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Heroin has become more popular over the past few years in Delaware, due to the availability of cheap pure heroin coming in from Mexico. The Drug cartels have now made a purer form of heroin, in a white powder, making their heroin more potent than it has ever been. The recent study shows that teen heroin addiction rates are starting to rise dramatically in Delaware. With the new heroin no longer being in a black tar form, the white powder has far more appeals to the younger drug experimenters. 

Delaware announces this year, that they have a new strategy to counter the opioid and heroin problem plaguing their state. Educating the physicians and doctors are at the forefront of the list, covering the dangers of prescribing opioid painkillers and their effects on the long-term patient. The massive over-prescribing of pain medications during the last 25 years, can be linked to being one of the root causes of heroin addiction in Delaware. 

There has been a recent push in Delaware drug legislation to pass a Control and Accountability Drug Act and appoint a newly formed 9 member controlled substance advisory committee. They will handle new labeling, pharmacy inventory control, and monitor physician dispensing records for controlled substances. Getting the life-saving drug Naloxone to emergency responders along with training in the proper uses and what to look for when someone is overdosing on Opioids or Heroin.

Heroin Detox Centers in Delaware

Treating heroin addiction in Delaware will involve many steps to make the recovery process effective. For most people, there will be a need for a medical detox to alleviate the symptoms of Heroin withdrawal.
Heroin addiction can sometimes include other drugs, so it is very important to make sure that you disclose all of the drugs you are currently using and have taken in the past 6 months. This will help the detox center for heroin addiction, better diagnose and prescribe the best medications to make your detox go smoothly and as pain-free as possible. Do not try to detox on your own. Heroin withdrawal can last anywhere from a few days to a few weeks, depending on the length of heroin use and the amount of heroin being abused on a daily basis.

Inpatient Heroin Rehabs

Detox should be followed by an extensive stay at a Heroin Inpatient treatment program. Private Inpatient drug rehabs offer the best results for long-lasting sobriety from a Heroin addiction.

Most of the people who have fought with heroin addiction have one thing in common: They recovered from their addiction at an inpatient heroin rehab center. Some people can find sobriety in an outpatient treatment program but due to the temptations and availability to go find heroin, this type of program is less effective in treating the addiction as a whole.  The typical stay for someone recovering from heroin addiction can vary from center to center and usually consists of 30-90 day programs. 

Heroin addiction medications and uses 

Sometimes a medical intervention can be used to help wean a person off of heroin at a slower rate, alleviating the withdrawal symptoms normally associated with a Heroin Detox. 

Buprenorphine: Being an opioid, Buprenorphine accesses the same receptors in the brain that heroin interacts with. This allows for a seemingly painless transition while managing cravings and withdrawal symptoms.

Methadone: Over the last few decades, this drug has become a bit controversial due to the fact that the body can build up a tolerance quickly if taken to often and is under investigation for being potentially addictive. Methadone is considerably stronger than Buprenorphine but works in the same manner, offering alleviated symptoms from withdrawal.

Naltrexone: Designed to block opioid receptors, blocking the effects that would normally take place once Heroin or an opioid is entered into the system. Also used in treating alcoholism.

Suboxone: Specifically designed to work in combination with Buprenorphine and Naltrexone. This combination of drugs not only manages the addiction, but it also alleviates the temptation to use heroin due to the opioid-blocking drug Naltrexone. 

*To locate a doctor that can prescribe medications for a painless withdrawal, please give us a call and we will help you find the closest addiction doctor to you in Delaware.


Addiction No More: The Heroin Addiction Help Line For Delaware

How to get help for heroin addiction in Delaware

  • Call our toll-free, confidential help line 24 hours a day 7 days a week

  • Free help with Heroin  addiction in Delaware

  • Financial options to cover the cost of heroin treatment

  • Insurance benefit verification for heroin detox and treatment

  • Information about heroin rehab and intervention services for heroin addicts.

Addiction Stats for the State of Delaware

With opioid pills skyrocketing in price on the black market addicts in Delaware, are opting for the cheaper alternative heroin. With Heroin prices dropping to 10 dollars a bag, or High Heroin is more cost-effective than buying a 30 dollar Percocet 30 mg pill. Heroin prices can be as low as 3 dollars a bag. 

With the crack down on opioids in 2012 and over the last 8 months, a noticeable rise in fatal overdoses has been seen and the need for more heroin addiction treatment centers has never been greater. Getting heroin addicts to treatment for their addictions is the only answer to this rising problem in Delaware.

Where to get help for a heroin Addiction in Delaware

Delaware has set aside funding for the treatment of heroin addiction and based on your financial needs, there are treatment programs that are state funded and help with Detox and treatment for Heroin addiction. Our Heroin Detox and treatment in Delaware list has been provided by our team of counselors to help in locating free treatment programs for Heroin Addiction.
Call us now to discuss your treatment options and guarantee placement in a drug rehab center today.


Heroin addiction treatment centers in New Castle County, Delaware

409 Larch Avenue 
Wilmington, DE 19804

Horizon House
261 Chapman Road
Newark, DE  19713 

Brandywine Counseling & Community Services
2500 West 4th St.
Wilmington, DE 19805 

Brandywine Counseling & Community Services
2713 Lancaster Avenue
Wilmington, DE 19805

Connections, CSP
2205 Silverside Road (Suite 5)
Wilmington, DE 19803 

Connections, CSP
3305 Polly Drummond Road
Newark, DE 19711

Heroin addiction treatment programs in Kent County, Delaware

Connections, CSP
222 N. DuPont Blvd., Smyrna
DE 19977

Connections, CSP
696 Bay Road
Dover, DE 19901

Kent Sussex Community Services
1241 College Park Drive
Dover, DE 19904

Heroin addiction treatment programs in Sussex County, Delaware

6 Railroad Avenue
Georgetown, DE 19947

Brandywine Counseling and Community Services
528 East Market Street
Georgetown, DE 19947

Connections, CSP
24832 John Jay Highway
Millsboro, DE 19966

Kent Sussex Community Services
20728 Dupont Blvd. (Suite 313)
Georgetown, DE  19947 

Fellowship Health Resources
400 Delaware Ave. Suite 105
Millsboro, DE 19966

Connections, CSP
123 Pennsylvania Avenue
Seaford, DE 19973

Fellowship Health Resources
400 Delaware Ave. Suite 105
Millsboro, DE 19966

Kent Sussex Community Services
31039 North Poplar Street
Laurel, DE  19956

2505 Dupont Blvd
Georgetown, DE  19947

Addiction No More has been helping people recover from heroin addiction in Delaware since 2002 and will continue to be on the front lines fighting for the rights of addicts to receive treatment for their addictions to drugs or alcohol. Give a call and we can discuss the various treatment options that are available in and outside of Delaware. 

Heroin Addiction is not to be taken lightly. It can and will kill again. It is just a matter of time. Do not wait to handle your heroin addiction, when it is convenient, as there is no convenient time to seek help for an addiction to heroin. There are options available for rehab in Delaware. Give us a call, toll-free 24 hours a day 7 days a week. 


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Heroin Addiction Treatment Programs in Delaware
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Heroin Addiction Treatment Programs in Delaware
Heroin addiction treatment in the state of Delaware
We can help you find a heroin addiction treatment program in Delaware today. If you are looking for a heroin detox center we can also help you find the detox center in Delaware as well. Give us a call at 1-800-819-9973 today.

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