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Residential Drug Rehab Centers in Bossier City, Louisiana

There are many different types of Residential Drug Rehab Centers in Bossier City, Louisiana. When looking for a rehab center in Bossier City, locating the best treatment program for the individual needs of the person will give them the best chances of long-lasting recovery. Finding the best drug rehab center will improve the individual’s chances of long-lasting recovery. If you need help locating an inpatient rehabilitation program for alcohol or substance abuse in Bossier Parish, or anywhere in the USA, call to speak with one of our counselors today (24/7 Service). We are here to help you find a treatment center that is close to Bossier City, Louisiana.


Long-Term Programs in Bossier City, Louisiana 

Addiction specialists often recommend residential long-term treatment programs over short-term rehab or outpatient therapy programs. Long-term addiction recovery programs are the most effective type of treatment to go give the individual a better chance at long-lasting recovery. Here are a few reasons why we choose long-term inpatient treatment programs.

*Long-term treatment programs last from 45 days up to a year. With that being said the most common long-term programs are from  60-90 days long. This allows the individual to be able to get the care they need to be truly drug-free.

*The individual is outside of their environment which led to substance abuse problems for a long period of time. This allows for the individual to put all the focus on their recovery.

*With a longer time in treatment, the staff and counselors can take more time with each client to ensure that the individual has all the tools needed and the ability to apply them in the real world. 

(Most long-term treatment programs offer aftercare programs and continued care therapy to help with the transition from treatment to home life. Out of the area, clients will be given help finding aftercare treatment programs in their area.

Depressed man speaking with counselor at Residential Drug Rehab Centers in Bossier City, Louisiana

Paying for treatment

The costs of treatment can vary from center to center depending on several factors. Length of time in treatment, type of treatment, and whether it is a private or state-funded rehab center program can determine out-of-pocket expenses. The most common way to pay for treatment is to use private health insurance or cash self-payments. If you do not have private health insurance some programs take Medicaid in the state and some that are free for those who qualify for assistance. 

Intervention Services 

When a person feels that their addiction is not of anyone else’s concern, it may be time to find an interventionist to help manage and convince the individual to seek treatment. Getting a professional to help with convincing someone to seek help for their addiction problems, will help the family convince the addict to get the help needed. You have one chance to do an intervention and it is always better to get help during this trying time. We can help you locate an interventionist close to you and start the process, so pick up the phone before it is too late.

Louisiana shatters its overdose record and Fentanyl is to blame. Synthetic opioids like Fentanyl were blamed for about 15% of overdose deaths in 2015. In 2020, this number jumped to 60%. With the latest report coming out there has been a significant increase in fatal overdoses in the state.  The fatal overdose rate has increased by almost 40% in 2020 over the previous year.  The state has seen a significant increase in overall deaths attributed to substance abuse overdoses. The drug overdose death rates for those living in the state and are over the age of 25 and younger than 65 are at least 33% higher than the national average. 2,251 deaths were attributed to a drug overdose between June 2020 and 2021. Louisiana’s rising death toll is mirroring the nation’s overdose epidemic. The United States last year reported that more than 100,000 Americans died of a drug overdose over a 12-month period. In Louisiana, nearly 40% of all overdose deaths are attributed to fentanyl the report stated. 
Finding the right substance abuse program will be the first and most important step in a person’s recovery. Almost every residential treatment program is different and specializes in one or more therapy models for substance abuse counseling and treatment. Bossier City, Louisiana has several residential treatment centers for addiction available in the area including 3 treatment centers that take Medicaid, 4 drug rehabs that take private health insurance such as Humana, Blue Cross, or Cigna, 3 stand-alone detox, at least 3 outpatient treatment programs and other is 1 inpatient treatment center. We can help you find a drug rehab center program that will work not only with your addiction but also align with your beliefs and expectations for substance abuse treatment. If you would like to learn more about our treatment programs or to verify your insurance, give us a call and we will help get you or a loved one into treatment today.

Addiction to drugs or alcohol can be a complex and often isolating disease. It is best handled by enrolling in a residential drug or alcohol rehab center program. There are over 150 different types of addiction treatment available in the state of Louisiana alone, including over 48 residential rehab centers, about 51 detox centers, and a little over 130 treatment facilities offering outpatient services.

Locally available treatment programs include:
Inpatient rehab
Residential substance abuse programs
IOP drug rehab center programs
Gender-specific treatment centers
90-day drug rehab center programs
30-day residential substance abuse centers
LGBTQ drug rehab centers
Holistic treatment programs
Outpatient therapy
Mental health treatment centers
Detox Centers

How rehab works

Get Help Now Before it is Too Late

Below we have listed a few of the different drug rehab centers in Bossier City, LA., including inpatient, outpatient, detox, and other drug rehab services. We have also listed some of the recovery meetings in Bossier Parish to help with the aftercare and recovery process. If you need further assistance or would like to talk to a rehab specialist about the choices near you, give us a call and we can assist you in finding the best residential drug rehab in your city today.


Applegate Recovery Bossier City offers outpatient treatment programs for substance abuse and other mental health conditions. There is also an outpatient detox program using medication-assisted treatment with methadone, buprenorphine, or naltrexone treatment plans and tapering programs. Payments accepted include private health insurance and cash or self-payments.
Applegate Recovery Bossier City
1605 Benton Rd., Suite D
Bossier City, Louisiana, 71111

Center for Behavioral Health Louisiana offers outpatient drug rehab center programs and outpatient detox and medication-assisted treatment programs close to Bossier City, LA. Therapy models can include anger management, CBT, DBT, motivational interviewing, CMMI, matrix model, 12-step facilitation approach, and relapse prevention. This program accepts cash or self-payment for services and medication-assisted treatment.
Center for Behavioral Health Louisiana
1303 Line Avenue #600
Shreveport, Louisiana, 71101

Addiction Recovery Center offers an outpatient treatment program, and an intensive outpatient therapy program for substance abuse, Specialized treatment programs for judicial system clients, adult men, adult women, and persons with co-occurring mental health and substance abuse disorders. Payments accepted include private health insurance. Medicaid, and cash or self-payments.
Addiction Recovery Center
2000 Fairfield Avenue
Shreveport, Louisiana, 71101

Recovery resources and sober recovery meetings near Bossier City, Louisiana

The Koala Club hosts AA meetings 7 days a week 7-8 am, 9-10 am, 12:30-1:30 pm, 5:30-6:30 pm, and 8-9 pm. Most meetings are open discussion groups. 9 am Saturday is a women’s only group,
The Koala Club
4809 Shed Rd
Bossier City, LA 71111
Residential Drug Rehab Centers in Bossier City, Louisiana
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Residential Drug Rehab Centers in Bossier City, Louisiana
Bossier City, Louisiana drug rehabs, treatment for addiction in Bossier Parish
If you need help locating an inpatient rehabilitation program for alcohol or substance abuse in Bossier City, call to speak with one of our counselors today (24/7 Service). We are here to help you find a treatment center that is close to Bossier City LA. Most drug rehabs in Bossier Parish will be able to work with your insurance so you can enroll at little to no out-of-pocket cost.


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