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Private Rehab Centers for Veterans in Maryland

Substance Abuse Treatment For Veterans

Our inpatient rehabilitation centers for veterans in Maryland work with the VA as a referral partner to ensure that the substance abuse treatment will be covered by military insurance or paid for by the VA. Veterans seeking private rehab centers for addiction to drugs or alcohol in Maryland now have options to seek treatment in the private sector using their military insurance, TriCare. Many of our drug rehab centers accept Tricare or work with the VA directly to secure funding so you can get the help you deserve. Veterans have served our country and it is time we serve them by giving them access to the best rehab centers. 

We appreciate your service and sacrifices now let us help serve you. 

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We can help you locate treatment for addiction in your area or anywhere in the country. To locate aa meetings, group meetings, 12-step programs, inpatient treatment, or outpatient services in your town give us a call. There are many options for drug rehab services in many cities in Maryland.

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Elliot City, Maryland Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation
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If you are a veteran, or if you are a loved one of a veteran that is struggling with addiction, we can help. Our 24/7 helpline is dedicated to helping veterans and active duty service members, that are suffering from addiction issues. We can help you find the best veterans rehab center that will accept military insurance.  Give us a call and we can verify your insurance and see if one of our rehab center programs is right for you.


Why Veterans should choose a private inpatient rehab center in Maryland over going to the VA for help

Private inpatient rehab centers that accept veterans, offer programs that are specifically designed to handle the complexity of veterans’ substance abuse disorders, including PTSD and other mental health issues. Private residential rehab centers in Maryland can offer state-of-the-art therapies and detoxification programs for veterans at little to no cost. When looking for a veterans rehab center, seeking help in the private sector can give the individual the best possible chances for long-lasting recovery. Along with the latest therapy models, private veteran’s drug rehab can offer luxury accommodations and amenities that were previously unavailable to the heroes that have served us so well.

With private drug rehabs not being constrained to just the therapies that VA has approved, private inpatient drug rehabilitation centers can offer the latest in therapy models that have been proven to help military vets suffering from PTSD and or substance abuse disorders. Being able to use Tricare insurance to cover private drug rehab centers has opened the door to some of the best rehab centers in Maryland now being able to offer services for veterans at little to no cost. We can help you locate a facility through our helpline for veterans and connect you with providers throughout the country that may be able to help you.


PTSD Therapy for Active Duty Service Members and Veterans

When a veteran returns home from active duty or deployment there are many challenges that they can face when trying to reintegrate back into civilian life. One of the biggest challenges for returning veterans is dealing with traumas they may have encountered while deployed. Those that have served in the Marine Corps or Army have been shown to be at a higher risk of developing signs of mental health issues, PTSD, drug addiction, alcohol addiction as well as physical traumas that they may have experienced during military service.

Alcohol rehab centers in Maryland for veterans

Over 10% of military vets have reported alcohol abuse in 2021 and 1/3 of all veterans seeking treatment for substance abuse disorders also have PTSD. Treating alcohol abuse in veterans will also need to include a mental health component to ensure the veteran receives the best possible care needed to treat them effectively. Our treatment centers understand the complexity of substance abuse disorders in veterans and work directly with the VA to ensure the best possible treatment programs are available to service members.

Can a veteran go to a private detox facility using Tricare insurance?

Most veterans’ drug abuse is linked to methamphetamines, heroin, cocaine, prescription medications, or other synthetic opioids. When looking for a rehab center that handles veteran drug addiction it is important to find one with a detoxification program if needed. Veterans that have been prescribed opioids through their doctor are at greater risk of developing habitual use patterns.

Veterans now have access to approved private detoxification clinics using their Tricare insurance. Private detox centers can offer specialized detox programs while helping them with mental health concerns if necessary. When seeking help for substance abuse at a private detoxification clinic it is important to be honest with them about usage habits and medications that you may have been prescribed. This will ensure that the veteran’s detox center can effectively detoxify the individual without serious complications.

* Our Maryland veterans substance abuse helpline is confidential and free to Veterans.
* Our admissions specialists are available 24/7.
* Works with the VA in Maryland to help provide treatment programs for veterans using VA benefits.
* Instantly check and verify that coverage is available through your insurance provider.
* Veterans in Maryland seeking treatment at one of our facilities may qualify for a reduced rate.
* Will help you locate a rehab center for veterans in Maryland that is in-network through Tricare and other insurance providers.

The form provided below is confidential and protected under the HIPPA laws to ensure the privacy of the veteran or family member seeking treatment. Seeking help is the very first step in the recovery process and the most important one. Please leave a call back number and or an email address to receive help from our veteran’s addiction treatment helpline. The usual response time is in 24-48 hours after receiving the form. You can get immediate help by calling our addiction hotline. This is a free, 24 hour service. Open 7 days a week. Let us start the recovery process together.


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Below we have listed some VA hospitals and counseling centers that offer PTSD and addiction treatment programs. These lists are constantly changing with the addition and subtraction of services and may not be complete. For more information on which VA hospitals are accepting patients, we urge you to contact your local VA hospital or caseworker or call us for more information.


Va hospitals and therapy programs in Maryland

Baltimore VA Medical Center operates an outpatient rehab center for SUD and PTSD treatment and rehabilitation. Treatment plans include outpatient counseling, medication prescribing, monitoring, and tapering programs, and regular therapy programs for veterans suffering from addiction issues. Drug rehab for vets is available in Baltimore, Maryland.
Baltimore VA Medical Center – VA Maryland Health Care System
10 North Greene Street
Baltimore, MD 21201
 PTSD Clinical Team (PCT) Outpatient

Perry Point VA Medical Center offers long and short-term inpatient mental health care, including an inpatient alcohol and substance abuse treatment program in Perry Point, Maryland. Their new inpatient mental health facility offers treatment programs for drug rehabilitation services and enhanced patient privacy for veterans. Treatment for alcohol addiction, PTSD, mental health concerns, and inpatient substance abuse treatment programs for veterans.
Perry Point VA Medical Center – VA Maryland Health Care System
VA Medical Center
Perry Point, MD 21902