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Where do I find Inpatient Drug Rehab Centers in Iowa Near Me?

Locating a drug rehab center in Iowa can be a time-consuming task. With the different types of inpatient rehab and detox centers, finding the best drug rehab can be tough without the proper knowledge. Our counselors are here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help answer any questions you may have about entering into an inpatient drug and alcohol addiction center. 

Iowa Inpatient Treatment Centers for Addiction

Iowa, being one of the states hit the heaviest in the recession has seen a shift from timber and farming industry that used to fuel the economy to a service and tourism industry. This shift has fueled the unemployment rate and contributed to addiction among young adults. Addiction has risen to 4% and is below the national average. The usage of stimulant based drugs is considerably higher in Iowa, and the need for quality treatment for addiction cannot be greater.

Prescription opioid overdoses in Iowa have risen over the last 15 years by a multiple of 20, such an alarming rate of abuse which may have contributed to the rise in Heroin deaths throughout the state.

Residential and Inpatient addiction centers in Iowa can offer the best solution to start the recovery process.

When faced with the rise in addiction rates, Iowa’s residential rehab centers have answered back with the latest technologies, therapies, and substance abuse treatment centers. Just a short time ago, there was only the “one size fits all” treatment centers for addiction. With the new therapy models and an opportunity to choose the type of treatment that you feel would be most effective, the success rates of Iowa Inpatient treatment centers has risen dramatically. There are several treatment centers that offer a variety of treatment models and therapies. Give us a call and we can help you find the best inpatient treatment center. 

How to Choose the Best Detox Center in Iowa

There are many types of detox clinics in Iowa. These drug detox centers are mainly located in the larger populous cities throughout the state. To ensure proper placement into a detox facility for alcohol or drug addiction your best option is to call and speak to one of our certified counselors. We are here to help you locate a detox center as soon as possible. We can answer any questions you may have and help you to become more informed as to what exactly you may need in regards to detoxification. This will ensure that the detox facility that is able to handle your specific dependency issue and needs. Give us a call toll-free 24 hours a day and we can get you into the best detoxification center in Iowa.


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What are the costs associated with treatment at a residential facility?

The cost of private drug and alcohol treatment in Iowa can seem out of reach for most people seeking treatment for their addiction. We know that addiction can take a toll on you physically, emotionally and financially and when faced with treatment costs it can be overwhelming. This is where we can help the most. Our counselors will help you sort through the centers that both meet your financial requirements as well as the therapy and setting requirements.

A list of free or low-cost treatment centers for addiction to drugs or alcohol in Iowa is provided as a public benefit service. If you have any questions regarding the treatment and types of programs that they offer, feel free to contact one of our counselors we will help you any way we can to get the life back that you deserve. We offer programs in many cities including Des Moines Cedar Rapids Davenport Sioux City Waterloo Iowa City Council Bluffs Ames Dubuque West Des Moine Iowa. Call us toll-Free and we will help you find the best treatment center and low-cost treatment programs.


Capstone Behavioral Healthcare Inc Substance Abuse Division
Located in Newton, Iowa
306 North 3rd Avenue East
Newton, IA 50208

Center Associates
Located in Marshalltown, Iowa
9 North 4th Avenue
Marshalltown, IA 50158

Clearview Recovery Inc
Located in Prairie City, Iowa
501 North Sherman Street
Prairie City, IA 50228

Meskwaki Alcohol Drug Abuse Center
Located in Tama, Iowa
1646 305th Street
Tama, IA 52339

Community and Family Resources
Located in Ames, Iowa
1619 South High Avenue
Ames, IA 50010



This report reflects significant trends, data, and major issues relating to drugs in the State of Iowa.

Iowa At-a-Glance:

• The number of meth lab seizure incidents in the state of Iowa increased 102%, from 198 incidents in 2007 to 400 incidents in 2012, according to data from the El Paso Intelligence Center’s National Seizure System (EPIC-NSS). Meth lab seizures are still dramatically lower in Iowa than their peak of 1,666 in 2004, prior to the 2005 Federal Combating Methamphetamine Epidemic Act (CMEA).

• Approximately 6.38 percent of Iowa residents reported past-month use of illicit drugs; the national average was 8.82 percent.

• Marijuana is the most commonly cited drug among primary drug treatment admissions in Iowa. In 2012, over 50 percent of all treatment admissions in Iowa were for marijuana, followed by 28 percent of drug treatment admissions for stimulants including methamphetamine.

Drug Use Trends in Iowa

Drug Use in Iowa: The National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) provides national and state-level data on the use of tobacco, alcohol, illicit drugs (including nonmedical use of prescription drugs) and mental health in the United States. In the most recent Survey, 6.38 percent of Iowa residents reported using illicit drugs in the past month. The national average was 8.82 percent. Additionally, 2.61 percent of Iowa residents reported using an illicit drug other than marijuana in the past month (the national average was 3.33 percent).
Source: Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration – State Estimates of Substance Use from the 2009– 2010 National Survey on Drug Use and Health

Drug-Induced Deaths: As a direct consequence of drug use, 258 persons died in Iowa in 2010. This can be compared to the number of persons who died from motor vehicle accidents (400) and firearms (213) in the same year. Iowa drug-induced deaths (8.5 per 100,000 population) were lower than the national rate (12.9 per 100,000).


Marijuana use throughout the state listed in percentages of the population of Iowa statistics provided BY SAMHSA.

9.46% of the population in the age group 12 -17 has reportedly used marijuana last year and 9.01% of the population over 18 has been reported by SAMHSA to have used marijuana in the past month.

Cocaine use in Iowa for the fiscal year 2015 for age groups between 12-17 years old is at 0.47% and for those over the age of 18 is at 1.12% and is a need for concern for Iowa residents.

Heroin use in Iowa for the age group 12-17 is estimated to be 0.06% of the population for that age group and is estimated that 0.13% of the populous over 18 in the state has used heroin in the past year.

Alcohol use in Iowa statistics have been gathered for the fiscal year 2015 by SAMHSA are an estimate within a 95% confidence rate for the survey. It is estimated that 10.16% of the age group 12-17 has used alcohol in the past month and 60.75% of the populous used alcohol last month.

Iowa residents that have had serious thoughts of suicide in the past year reported by SAMHSA details only those over the age of 18 with 3.93% of the population having serious thoughts of suicide. There is a need for those who have been affected by drugs or alcohol to get help before those thoughts turn to actions.

Get help for addiction NOW

We can help you find a residential program for the treatment of drug addiction or alcoholism. We have researched many drug rehab centers and have compiled a list of the most effective drug treatment programs. Please don’t hesitate to get yourself or someone who you love into a Drug Rehab Center. Don’t put off today for tomorrow may never come for someone who has a drug addiction. Take the first step and start on the path to recovery now. Let us guide you into the light from out of the dark. If you or a loved one has been trapped in the never-ending cycle of drug addiction we are here to assist you. Our goal is to help you find the best possible residential treatment facility available for your specific needs.


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Residential Drug Rehab Centers in Iowa
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