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Holistic Drug Rehab Centers in North Carolina

Why Choose a Holistic Drug Rehab Center in North Carolina?

Many people who have been through treatment in the past, try to seek out a different type of treatment for their addiction. Some people do not want to go through the traditional style rehabs and have found that a holistic drug rehabilitation center is the right choice.

Drug and alcohol addiction does not discriminate and the reasons behind the need to have an addiction in your life can be different for everyone. Maybe you had a pain management problem and started using more and more of your medications to get through the day. It could also be that there is an underlying psychological feeling of emptiness or self-loathing that you are compensating for through the use of drugs or alcohol. Whatever the case may be, it can differ from person to person. Holistic drug treatment programs in North Carolina can offer the solution that you have been looking for.  

Along with the different philosophies and treatment models, the mind, body, and spirit are all worked on, to help you overcome any obstacles standing in the way of your will to stay sober.


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What are Holistic Drug Rehab Programs?

North Carolina Holistic Drug Rehabilitation centers can offer the client the tools and ability to improve and handle every aspect of their lives. Through optional therapy modalities and treatment options, one can choose to participate in meditation sessions, Acupuncture, Yoga, and a wide variety of western and eastern healing practices. 
Almost all of the Holistic treatment programs in North Carolina offer treatment models that are holistic as well as traditional treatment options. Example; programs have therapists and medical staff to provide health and wellness as well as therapy in groups and individual sessions.
  • Most of the higher end holistic programs offer organic and natural meals to improve brain function and body health.

  • Exercise, yoga and other physical activities are available to help with physical and spiritual health.

  • Meditation and daily reflection time for mental and spiritual discoveries, and realizations.

  • Acupuncture, Reiki Massage, aromatherapy, and detoxing massage to help the body heal from the damage that has been 
    caused by the addiction.

  • Art therapy, Music therapy, and other types of alternative therapy.
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Importance of setting

Most Holistic drug rehab centers in North Carolina are located in and around nature, due to the peaceful and beautiful surroundings around lakes, mountains, the ocean, or even the desert. The setting usually gives a person a peaceful feeling that is needed when undergoing such a change in behavior and habits.

holistic rehabs for addiction

Can you benefit?

Anyone that has an addiction can benefit from a holistic drug treatment facility. Needing help from addiction is the only requirement. Most people who choose to participate in a holistic style program have been through treatment in the past and have had a hard time achieving long-lasting sobriety. Most programs that offer an alternative to traditional treatment methods do not follow the traditional 12 step program models.


For any Questions use our contact form below we can discuss the options available in your area. For quicker response please call our counselors are here to help you.  We offer programs in many cities including Charlotte, Raleigh, West Raleigh, Greensboro, Winston-Salem, Durham, Fayetteville, Cary, Wilmington, High Point North Carolina.

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Holistic Drug Rehab Centers in North Carolina
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Holistic Drug Rehab Centers in North Carolina
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