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Holistic Drug Rehab Centers: Interventions

  Holistic Drug Rehab Centers: Interventions: When is it time to call an Interventionist for help? When a loved one is trapped by addiction to drugs or alcohol, it is very common to feel helpless with no place to turn for help. There is a constant concern about their safety, health, and well-being. In an ideal situation, the loved one will ask for help before it’s too late, but in most cases, this never happens. Do not wait for the addicted person to come to you for help. Thinking that the addict will “wake up” and ask for help, is a way not to confront the situation at hand and results in more heartache and pain for both parties involved. Once addiction takes hold of someone’s life it can have devastating and life-changing consequences or even death. An intervention can offer the solution that you have been looking for. Holistic interventions use a variety of techniques that can help with emotional, physical, and spiritual healing. An intervention is an act initiated by a professional interventionist along with the substance user’s family members and loved ones. The goal of the intervention is to get your loved one into treatment. The holistic interventionist also focuses on the family’s strengths and needs. The intervention will center on increasing motivation and hope, and developing a plan to get the person with addiction into treatment. The interventionist will then educate, create self-awareness, and alter unhealthy behaviors to encourage positive change for all affected.

 Holistic and natural healing drug rehab centers treat addiction as a condition and not a disease, focusing on the mind, body, and spirit as a whole. The reasons that a person chooses to enter a holistic program can vary.  Someone who has been through a traditional program before may want to try a different approach to treatment for addiction. They may prefer a holistic approach because it does not rely on medications, but focuses more on the use of vitamins, herbs, and minerals. There are several options and treatment models to consider when choosing a holistic drug rehab. We recommend that you set up a treatment center for your loved one BEFORE the intervention starts so there is a smooth transition into treatment immediately after they agree to go the program. The rehab must be the right fit spiritually, physically, and mentally. It’s easier to get someone to agree to treatment if the center offers things they like. You wouldn’t send an artist to a sports camp. Choosing the right treatment programs for the person who is going, is crucial to success. Some of the latest trends in the battle against addiction have included holistic or natural healing centers for addiction. These programs offer unique alternative treatment therapy models coupled with natural healing techniques to achieve a high success rate. Programs typically range from 30 days to 6 months in length.  

It is sometimes beneficial for the client to go to treatment further away from home. Getting away from temptations and friends who may still be using is often better for many people. Clients who go to rehab in another state also have a harder time leaving treatment early as well. Depending on the situation, our counselors may suggest looking for substance abuse programs that are a plane flight away.

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The goal of the intervention is to get your loved one into treatment.

Starting a Professional Intervention 

 The right time to consider an intervention for someone struggling with substance misuse is when their world is slowly being taken apart. Perhaps they lost their job or are always having money problems, these are all warning signs of something under the surface going on in their life. When the person you once knew is gone and has changed into someone else, it is time to help them.  Speaking with an intervention provider and specialist can help you learn that there is hope. The intervention process is the right way to assist a loved one in realizing they need help. At one point in the addicted person’s life, there were times when they were doing great in their well-being. Addiction to drugs or alcohol will start to separate them from all things that are good in their life including family, friends, and any other related activities. The individual starts to feel affected by all things and the many unresolved situations that cause feelings of remorse and guilt. These feelings of remorse, guilt, and hopelessness perpetuate the addiction to drugs or alcohol and block them from seeing the love from their family and friends. The feelings that the individual feels are not real feelings. These negative feelings are fueled by drugs or alcohol and this is how they keep from handling life. Together, with a professional intervention team and planning, you can get the person to have that moment of clear thinking that will bring them to acceptance of help. 

The interventionist will first meet a few members of the family at a designated meeting place, (usually the family home). Then the interventionist will usually give their testimony and answer any questions the family members may have. Next, they will begin to plan the intervention. The plan is set into motion to reach out to as many family and friends as possible and set up a face-to-face meeting day. This is called a pre-intervention.

At the pre-intervention, rules are set up and will be developed to be followed during the intervention. Training and communication skills are taught as well during the pre-intervention day. This is to make sure that there are no antagonisms and hard feelings that can get in the way of a successful intervention.  Interventions are always held in a caring and loving manner. When a person has an addiction problem, they have already torn themselves down so they need to be built back up. The intervention’s purpose is to make the individual feel love, purpose, and support. This also includes being able to voice thoughts and worries regarding your loved one’s addiction to drugs or alcohol. This gives the family a sense of hope and empowerment. It is then, that the hard work starts.

The family is asked to write letters to read during the intervention. The family is also taught ways to be a part of the intervention and how to speak to the addicted person in ways so they do not feel coerced, forced, or trapped. The best possible outcome for a professional intervention is for the addict to feel that they can be better than they are now and that they need help to find their way back. Once the family starts to read their letters and talk to them, the addicted person will start to understand more clearly how their addiction has affected the entire family. After any objections to going to treatment are handled (and there will be objections) when the person knows they do in fact need help…they will finally agree to go to treatment. There is always a long pause as a sense of relief passes through the entire room. This is the moment where we can see the individual is willing to make a change. At this point, they will be taken to the facility of your choice within the next 24 hours.

There is no gift greater than you can give than life itself. Our caring and genuinely concerned, holistic counselors are here to help you find an interventionist in your area now. 


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Holistic Drug Rehab Centers: Interventions
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Holistic Drug Rehab Centers: Interventions
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Together, with an intervention and planning, we can get the person to have that moment of clear thinking that will bring them to acceptance of help. There is no gift greater that you can give than life itself. Our caring and genuinely concerned, holistic counselors are here to help you find a interventionist. Our counselors are waiting on your call 7 days a week 24 hours a day. 1-800-513-5423


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