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Christian Treatment Centers: Admissions

 All Christian Drug Rehabilitation Centers vary in length, cost, and treatment plans. This is why it is important to be as informed as possible when deciding to enter into a Christian treatment program. Faith-based or Bible-based treatment for addiction is one of the most effective therapies for addiction recovery. Our Christian drug rehab center’s admissions department will assist you in preparing to enter treatment for addiction to drugs or alcohol. It is sometimes beneficial for the client to go to treatment further away from home. Getting away from temptations and friends who may still be using is often better for many people. Clients who go to rehab in another state also have a harder time leaving treatment early as well. Depending on the situation, our counselors may suggest looking for substance abuse programs that are a plane flight away. For further assistance please feel free to contact us. Our counselors are here to assist you and guide you to the right treatment center that is Christian in its beliefs. Do not wait till it is too late to call. Every day you wait, your chances of something negative in life happening. Addiction to drugs and alcohol does not discriminate. It does not care if you are living on the street or living in a Park Avenue apartment. Addiction is everywhere and can be hidden in some of the people we know, love, and consider friends or family. If you think there is something that has changed in a loved one please let us help you decide if there is a need for help or if an intervention is needed. Call now and we will help you find the treatment model that you think will work for your addiction. Our certified Christian counselors will discuss and evaluate your struggles and help you navigate payment and insurance options available to you for the treatment required. You can fill out our free assessment form HERE or call one of our certified counselors now.


Travel to and Arrival at the Center

We will assist you in the planning and booking arrangements for traveling to one of our treatment centers if you are arriving from out-of-state or just need a ride to get to the treatment facility. Medical detox will be arranged and coordinated between the center and the detox facility and is the first step in recovery for those who need a detox.

Pack everything you think you could need for an extended stay but do not overpack as there is usually limited room and weekly shopping trips to replenish such things as personal hygiene supplies and snacks will be available.

Clothing is usually something you can be comfortable in for extended periods of time and should include:

  • Workout clothing: 2 sets
  • Swimsuit (if needed) 
  • Towels, washcloths
  • 4-7 sets of outerwear 
  • Jackets, sweatshirts if the climate is cold
  • Flip flops or water socks
  • Sunday church clothing
  • Socks, underwear; 7-day supply 
  • Sleepwear, slippers
  • Bring your own toiletries 
  • Toothbrush, toothpaste, Non-Alcohol Mouthwash
  • Shampoo, conditioner, and hair care products, non-aerosol
  • Perfumes may or may not be allowed due to alcohol and allergy concerns 
  • Any daily use and monthly use toiletries
  • Make sure to pack your current medications that have been prescribed by a doctor
Other supplies
  • Books, Bible, and writing supplies
  • Music and MP3 Player
Contact your center for a complete list of acceptable items. Some Christian Centers for Addiction may have a specific packing list so we have provided this list to prepare you for what may or may not be needed at the treatment center you choose.


Psalm 27: 1-3 The LORD is my light and my salvation whom shall I fear? The LORD is the stronghold of my life— of whom shall I be afraid? When the wicked advance against me to devour me, it is my enemies and my foes who will stumble and fall. Though an army besieges me, my heart will not fear; though war breaks out against me, even then I will be confident.

Christian Treatment Centers: Admissions
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Christian Treatment Centers: Admissions
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