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Prayer Request for Freedom From Addiction

Heavenly Father, I ask You to heal all those who think that they are a lost cause and that there is no way out of this drug addiction that has trapped them. Lord, there are so many different people who have become slaves to different forms of addiction; but we know that there is hope for everyone, no matter how far they have fallen, because Christ died for everyone. His death paid the price for every addict and all they have to do is to believe that Christ died on the cross and rose to give them life – But they must believe.

Look down upon them with Your grace and compassion; on all who are so trapped inside their addictions and we pray that You will bring many out from this terrible existence, which is so harmful and so degrading.

Bless all Father and may Your Holy Spirit seek out and save these people who are struggling with their addictions, and bless their families as they come to You in their times of need. 


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If you would like to speak to a counselor or get placed into Christian drug rehab,  please give us a call now.

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Your prayer request will be sent to our Prayer Chain: If you do not want names to be shown, please list them as Son; Daughter; Mother; Father.

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Prayer Request Form for people struggling with addiction
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Prayer Request Form for people struggling with addiction
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