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Free Drug Rehab in Florida

When a person has developed a dependency on drugs or alcohol and is seeking to enter into a treatment center, there are many things that need to be taken into account. The first thing that we think about is, how can we possibly afford to enter into a treatment center without the funds to cover the cost. The second concern is, where can we possibly find a treatment center or drug rehab in Florida that is completely free. We can help you locate a free drug rehab center in your area today. give us a call, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 


Free Drug rehab florida

We first must learn how Free Drug Rehab Centers work in Florida and there are a few distinct types to look for.

Vocational or work-study drug rehab center

When you enter into one of these treatment centers there is an exchange of labor on the part of the addict to cover the cost associated with their treatment. Most of these types of programs have a Christian tract along with the work program. These types of treatment programs will usually take about 6 months to a year to complete the program. Salvation Army, Teen Challenge and Centikor are a few examples of programs offered in Florida.

Donation or goodwill drug rehabs

These programs are funded mainly by private parties, individuals or organizations. Some of these programs require a bit of a donation from either the addict or family. When giving us a call, please let us know if you need a scholarship. We sometimes have private drug rehabs that offer scholarships for us to help with the need for treatment. Donation based rehabs may seem rare but we have a list of these programs that are supported by churches throughout the country.

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State Funded Rehab in Florida

The facilities that are operated and funded by the state are paid for by grants, both at the federal level, as well as the state and county level of governments. Most of these sliding scale fee rehab programs are filled with clients that are there for deferred drug or alcohol offenses. Being that these programs are used by the courts heavily, getting someone into one of these programs without a lengthy waiting list can be next to impossible.

When looking for free drug rehab, it is important to understand that depending on the drugs or alcohol dependency involved, you may or may not need a medically supervised detox first. Finding a free detox in Florida may be easier than getting into a state-funded program for addiction. Give us a call now and we can help you locate a free detox and rehab center now. We offer programs in many cities including Jacksonville, Miami, Tampa, Saint Petersburg, Orlando, Hialeah, Tallahassee, Fort Lauderdale, Port Saint Lucie, Pembroke Pines Florida.


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Is there a detox in a free or donation based drug rehab in Florida?

Free rehab in Florida, may or may not have a medically supervised detox. Most will have a room where you can tough it out your own and detox without the use of medications. If the facility staff sees that someone is having distress due to heavy withdrawal symptoms, they will have you transported to the nearest hospital.

When looking for a free medically supervised detox for opiates such as Heroin, Oxycontin, or Methadone, it is important to be aware that your detox may not be medicated and you will receive no medications to relieve the painful withdrawal symptoms.


Get help with addictionA list of free or low-cost treatment centers for addiction to drugs or alcohol in Florida is provided as a public benefit service. If you have any questions regarding the treatment and types of programs that they offer, feel free to contact one of our counselors we will help you any way we can to get the life back that you deserve. The list provided below is for free treatment programs known to take clients for free or are state-financed in the state of Florida. Finding a free program for addiction can be a hard journey Give us a call and we will help you find the best center to handle your addiction.


Tri-County Human Services Inc
Located in Avon Park, Florida
100 West College Drive
Avon Park, FL 33825

Fresh Start Ministries of Central FL
Located in Orlando, Florida
4436 Edgewater Drive
Orlando, FL 32804

Manatee Glens Corporation
Located in Bradenton, Florida
2020 26th Avenue East
Bradenton, FL 34208

Healing Lives Therapeutic Services LLC
Located in Winter Park, Florida
1035 South Semoran Boulevard
Winter Park, FL 32792

West Palm Beach VAMC
Located in Stuart, Florida
3501 SE Willoughby Boulevard
Stuart, FL 34997

This report reflects significant trends, data, and major issues relating to drugs in the State of Florida. 

Florida At-a-Glance: 
• Approximately 8.32 percent of Florida residents reported the past-month use of illicit drugs; the national average was 8.82 percent. Source: National Survey on Drug Use and Health 2010-2011. • The rate of drug-induced deaths in Florida is higher than the national average. 

• “Other opiates” (including prescription drugs) is the most commonly cited drug category among primary drug treatment admissions in Florida. In 2011, 41% of all treatment admissions in Florida were for non-heroin opiates. 

• The number of meth lab seizure incidents in the state of Florida increased by 77%, from 185 incidents in 2007 to 327 incidents in 2012. Drug Use Trends in Florida Drug Use in Florida: The National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) provides national and state-level data on the use of tobacco, alcohol, illicit drugs (including non-medical use of prescription drugs), and mental health in the United States. In the most recent Survey, 8.32 percent of Florida residents reported using illicit drugs in the past month. The national average was 8.82 percent. Additionally, 3.09 percent of Florida residents reported using an illicit drug other than marijuana in the past month (the national average was 3.33 percent). Source: Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration – State Estimates of Substance Use from the 2009-2010 National Survey on Drug Use and Health:

Drug-Induced Deaths: As a direct consequence of drug use, 3,181 persons died in Florida in 2010. This is compared to the number of persons in Florida who died from motor vehicle accidents (2,536) and firearms (2,268) in the same year. Florida drug-induced deaths (16.9 per 100,000 population) exceeded the national rate (12.9 per 100,000 population).

Source: https://obamawhitehouse.archives.gov/sites/default/files/docs/state_profile-florida.pdf

Florida percentage of the state’s population drug use in the fiscal year 2015 the latest SAMHSA statistics available.

Marijuana use in Florida in the past month estimates for the age group 12-17 is estimated at 6.78 % of the population and 7.87 % for those in the group over 18. 

Cocaine use statistics in Florida estimated at 0.65% for the 12-17 age group and for those over the age of 18 is estimated that 2.02% of the population has used cocaine in the past year. 

Heroin use in Florida For the age group 12-17 estimated to be 0.07% and over 18 the percentage of people that use heroin is estimated to be 0.24% of the population.

Alcohol use among those 12 to 17 years of age 10.72% of the population and for the 18 and over demographic 58.77% used alcohol in the last month.

Those that have had serious thoughts of suicide in the state of Florida Over the past statistical year 2015 is only available for the population over 18 is at 3.59%of the population.

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