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Dual Diagnosis Treatment Programs:
Overview of Treatment

Is specialized treatment important?

Dual Diagnosis clients suffer from addiction as well as an underlying mental condition. This condition separates Dual Diagnosis clients from those just suffering from addiction alone. Mental illness and addiction may share many of the same symptoms and both need to be treated at the same time, in order to treat the whole problem. If these people do not receive treatment from a Dual Diagnosis rehabilitation facility, the problems are more than likely to worsen over time.

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How We Can Help

Dual Diagnosis Treatment Programs are well-known for comprehensive treatment as well as care for the individual. It is imperative that the treatment team works together in conjunction with the client, to treat the whole problem, not just the symptoms of the problem. This is done with specialized counselors and doctors working together. Individual treatment plans are the key to recovery for dual diagnosis patients. Call us today and we can help you find the best dual diagnosis treatment programs there is. 

Finding the Right Dual Diagnosis Treatment Program

Some programs use a one size fits all approach to treating addiction. This will not work in a dual diagnosis case. Treatment for a dual diagnosis case has to be specialized and the mental illness has to be taken into account for treatment to be successful. Those with a mental illness cannot be confronted or torn down about their addiction issues. Our experts in treating co-occurring mental and substance abuse problems will set the pace for treatment so the client does not feel overwhelmed.

Patients with Special Needs

Clients with co-occurring mental and substance abuse problems are often high-risk individuals. These special case clients, need more care and supervision, to ensure the safety of the client as well as the treatment team. Dual diagnosis patients are more prone to violence and suicide attempts than those who just have an addiction problem they are dealing with. The staff at these centers are more equipped to deal with those who have an underlying mental condition. The unpredictable nature of these type of clients makes the need for a specialized program a necessity not an option for treatment.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment Programs help line is here to assist you. We will guide you every step of the way. Our trained and certified counselors have helped thousands of people, just like you, enter into a new life free of drugs or alcohol. The first step is the hardest to take, admitting that we are powerless and need help to handle the underlying addiction that has been holding us back from the life we deserve. Let your addiction become the past.  Give one of our counselors a call. We are here for you 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  


Our Dual Diagnosis treatment programs addiction helpline is here to guide you to the most effective treatment for the client in need of this type of program. There are few centers in the country that specialize in this type of treatment. On a daily basis, our treatment facilities help treat dual diagnosis clients while providing counseling and care for the families as well as the client. Some of the clients we work with have tried treatment elsewhere and failed in finding long-lasting recovery. We will help those searching for a new life free of drugs or alcohol find long-lasting sobriety.

Every treatment center that we work with has their own website and we are here to help you choose the right treatment center for you or a loved one. This FREE service is dedicated to those in need of a Dual Diagnosis Treatment Program for Addiction.  Please feel free to contact one of our certified counselors 24 hours a day 7 days a week. 


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Dual Diagnosis Treatment Programs Overview of Treatment
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Dual Diagnosis Treatment Programs Overview of Treatment
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