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Mental Health Crisis and Addiction Rates in America

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Addressing the Mental Health Crisis and Addiction Rates in AmericaWhat you will learn in this blogDrug and alcohol addiction ratesFentanyl-laced drug problemXylazine animal tranquilizer abuseSteps the government is taking to address the problemDrug Use and Mental Health Use DisordersMajor Depressive Episodes (MDE) Among AdolescentsMental Illness Among AdultsCo-occurring Substance Use Disorder

The Voice Of Addiction

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The Voice Of Addiction© Carrie Roush Published on March 2008Well, it’s nice to finally meet you.I’ve been waiting for your call.I’ve noticed you’ve been crying,And, I’ve watched you pace the halls.Whatever has been hurting you,I can make it disappear.You know you have nothing to lose, Nothing to live for, nothing