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Residential Drug Rehab Centers in Haverhill, Massachusetts

Residential Drug Rehab Centers in Haverhill, Massachusetts offer evidence-based therapies along with detox services and more. There are many different types of treatment for substance use disorder (SUD). Those types of rehab centers for addiction include 30-day residential rehab centers, 90-day inpatient drug rehabs, outpatient therapy, sober living environments, and detox centers. There are secular residential treatment centers, in-house Christian drug and alcohol treatment centers, Holistic Drug rehab centers, Dual Diagnosis rehab centers, and free drug rehab centers throughout the United States that are available to those seeking help for a substance abuse problem.

There are only a few options for treatment in Haverhill itself and those are 1 low-cost program, 2 detox programs, 2 drug rehabs that take Medicare, 2 inpatient centers, 4 drug rehabs that take insurance like Blue Cross, Anthem, and Aetna, and 2 outpatient treatment programs. If you need help locating a residential rehabilitation program for substance abuse or alcohol abuse in Haverhill call us today. Some treatment centers near Haverhill, Massachusetts will be able to work with your insurance. It is sometimes beneficial for the client to go to treatment further away from home. Getting away from temptations and friends who may still be using is often better for many people. Clients who go to rehab in another state also have a harder time leaving treatment early as well. Depending on the situation, our counselors may suggest looking for substance abuse programs that are a plane flight away. Call now and we can answer any questions.


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Centers for Substance Use Disorder in Haverhill 

Long-term residential programs for addiction can be the most effective type of treatment a person can enter into. There are many different types of therapy programs for people with different belief systems and addictions. Choosing the right drug rehab center can be the most critical decision you will have made to date in your life. Being informed as to what types of programs work best for certain addictions will help the individual achieve a successful recovery.

Locally available treatment programs include:
Inpatient rehab
Residential substance abuse programs
IOP drug rehab center programs
Gender-specific treatment centers
90-day drug rehab center programs
30-day residential substance abuse centers
LGBTQ drug rehab centers
Holistic treatment programs
Outpatient therapy
Mental health treatment centers
Detox Centers


How rehab works

Get Help Now Before it is Too Late

Below we have listed a few of the different drug rehab centers in Haverhill, including inpatient, outpatient, detox, and other drug rehab services. We have also listed some of the recovery meetings in Essex County to help with the aftercare and recovery process. If you need further assistance or would like to talk to a rehab specialist about the choices near you, call now and we can assist you in finding the best residential drug rehab in your city today.

Serenity at Summit offers inpatient detoxification programs, short-term rehab center programs, and medication-assisted treatment plans. Payments accepted include Medicare, Private health insurance, and cash or self-payment.
Serenity at Summit
61 Brown Street
Haverhill, MA 01830

BrightView Lawrence offers outpatient treatment programs, detox, and medication-assisted treatment plans. Payments accepted include Medicare, Medicaid, Private health insurance, Tricare, and cash or self-payment.
BrightView Lawrence
290 Merrimack Street
Lawrence, MA 01843

Hampstead Hospital offers hospital inpatient detoxification programs and inpatient rehab center programs for substance and alcohol abuse. Specialized treatment programs include programs for underlying mental health conditions leading to substance or alcohol abuse.
Hampstead Hospital and Residential Treatment
218 East Road
Hampstead, NH 03841

Danvers Treatment Center Offers outpatient therapy programs, medication-assisted treatment plans, and outpatient detoxification/stabilization programs. MAT programs may include buprenorphine or naltrexone for stabilization and tapering. Payments accepted include Medicaid, Medicare, private health insurance, and cash or self-payment.
Danvers Treatment Center Satellite Opioid Treatment Program
365 East Street, Saunders Building
Tewksbury, MA 01876

Lahey Health Behavioral Services offers medication-assisted treatment programs (MAT) and regular outpatient treatment plans. MAT services including detoxification programs can include Buprenorphine or naltrexone stabilization and tapering programs. Payments accepted include Medicare, Medicaid, private health insurance, and cash or self-payment.
Lahey Health Behavioral Services Methadone Program
111 Middleton Road
Danvers, MA 01923

Mayflower Recovery Center offers short-term residential treatment programs, hospital inpatient detoxification services, and a 24-hour-a-day residential treatment plan. Transitional and aftercare services can include discharge services, Naltrexone Overdose education, and continued care programs. Payments accepted include Private health insurance, and cash or self-payment.
Mayflower Recovery Center Acute Treatment Services/Detox
362 Middlesex Avenue
Wilmington, MA 01887

Massachusetts Detox Centers offers residential inpatient treatment programs that are short-term, and inpatient detoxification programs. Opioid misuse treatment plans can include buprenorphine, methadone, or naltrexone tapering and stabilization before detoxification. Payments accepted include Cash or self-payment, and private health insurance.
Massachusetts Detox Centers Inc. Mayflower
362 Middlesex Avenue,
Wilmington, MA 01887

Recovery resources and sober recovery meetings near Haverhill, Massachusetts

Grateful and Blessed
76 Summer Street
Haverhill, MA, 01830
Grateful and Blessed meets on Thursday from 6:45 am to 7:45 am for an open discussion meeting. This is a women-only group.

New Jericho Noontime
10 Welcome Street
Haverhill, MA, 01830
New Jericho Noontime meets Monday through Friday from 11:45 am to 12:45 pm for open discussion groups. A specialized group is held on Monday’s big book, and Tuesday is a step meeting group.

Spark Of Hope ( alcohol only)
158 Mammoth Road
Lowell, MA, 01850
Spark Of Hope ( alcohol only) meets Monday through Friday from 12-1 pm for an open discussion group with guest speakers

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Residential Drug Rehab Centers in Haverhill, Massachusetts
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Residential Drug Rehab Centers in Haverhill, Massachusetts
Haverhill, Massachusetts drug rehabs, treatment for addiction in Essex County
If you need help locating an inpatient rehabilitation program for alcohol or substance abuse in Haverhill, call to speak with one of our counselors today (24/7 Service). We are here to help you find a treatment center that is close to Haverhill, MA. Most drug rehabs in Essex County will be able to work with your insurance so you can enroll at little to no out-of-pocket cost.


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