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Locating a rehab for addiction to drugs or alcohol can be tough. Finding a specialized drug rehab that understands the underlying issues that affect LGBTQ people has led to more drug rehab centers offering specialized treatment and housing programs for LGBTQ clients in Washington.

Long-term Lgbt and Gay-Friendly Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers for Addiction

Most treatment providers will offer a longer-term program of at least 90 days to ensure that all issues are handled before leaving the treatment facility for drug addiction. People that are suffering from the grips of addiction have a better chance for long-lasting recovery in a setting that is longer than the average 28-day program for addiction. Recovery experts have long stated that the length of inpatient recovery treatment has without a doubt a significant effect on the recovery rate of the clients attending a gay or LGBT friendly drug rehab center.

Why is there a need for specialized treatment for the LGBTQ community in Washington?

Entering into a treatment facility in Washington for addiction can make a person feel very vulnerable, especially when treating LGBT clients. Most programs will boast of an LGBTQ program but in reality, there are actually very few specific drug rehab centers that are LGBT and gay-friendly in Washington. Transgender people have an especially hard time finding non-biased discrimination free treatment for their addictions. It isn’t possible for an LGBTQ person to overcome addiction in a setting that is not specifically set up for handling the unique challenges that it can take to service LGBTQ clients. It is better to enroll in a Gay-Friendly Drug rehab center in Washington to ensure that your needs are handled properly to ensure a positive outcome in treatment.

LGBTQ Friendly drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers or LGBTQ friendly treatment programs for addiction will have more staff that are experienced in handling the complex dynamics akin to sexual expression, and sexual orientation accompanied issues. A conventional drug treatment facility in Washington will be unfamiliar or at the very least, uncomfortable with handling these types of challenges. For assistance in locating a rehab center that specializes in gay or transgender people with addiction, give us a call today. This is a confidential call and we are here to help 24/7.


What to look for in a Gay-friendly or LGBTQ inpatient Drug rehabilitation center in Washington

Lgbt and gay-friendly drug and alcohol treatment centers will have separate housing for gay and LGBT individuals.
There will be separate groups that deal with the specific concerns that only LGBTQ individuals seeking help from drugs and alcohol deal with. Individual therapists that are gay, lesbian, or transgender will have specialized treatment programs that include specific topics that are synonymous with the Gay and LGBTQIA+ community which include some of the topics listed below. All of these issues and more should be handled while enrolled in a gay-friendly Washington Drug rehab center. 
  • Discrimination handling, public discrimination

  • Coming out, Peer ridicule, exclusion from social groups

  • Family counseling, job loss, loss of child custody, rejection by a spiritual community

  • Acceptance of self

  • Violence based on sexual orientation or gender identification and how to cope

Why Choose a Gay-Friendly drug rehab in Washington

Attending a gay-friendly or LGBTQ friendly inpatient drug rehabilitation center in Washington state will give the individual seeking treatment an atmosphere of honesty and mutual respect. This will help you be open about every aspect of your identity. Having to hide your sexual orientation can impede an individual’s progress in an inpatient drug rehab center. Recovering in a setting that reinforces your self-respect, will help you be proud of who you are, reinforcing who you can become.

Separate Group therapy sessions with only LGBTQ peers and counselors will allow people to open up in a safe and non-judgmental environment. Specialized Group therapy with people that share similar life experiences and challenges will help the LGBTQ individual feel they can be fully involved in the groups healing process. Being able to fully engage in group therapy will help the individual feel comfortable about sharing their life experiences and tragedies.

Family and spousal therapy sessions have another dynamic that LGBTQIA+ friendly drug rehabilitation centers in Washington are ready to handle. Addressing the complex relationships that accompany the LGBTQ community can be challenging for a conventional drug and alcohol treatment center to understand, let alone help handle.

Traditional marriage counseling and family therapy usually do not work for the gay, lesbian, and transgender community. LGBTQ friendly drug rehabs in Washington will encourage you to fully open up about your sexual orientation and relationship dynamics. Being able to be honest and open in a non-judgmental setting will allow you to feel comfortable and at ease while you are in treatment for addiction issues. This helps the counselors understand your unique situation, relationship dynamics, habits, and pitfalls and will also help them in handling the underlying issues that need to be taken care of while enrolled in a Gay-Friendly inpatient treatment center for LGBTQ people in Washington.

Residential Treatment programs are taxed with another particular challenge in offering housing to a person’s self-identified gender. Conventional treatment centers may force the individual to room with and as their birth gender. Forcing a transgender client to co-habitat with their birth gender can put an individual in the same situation that may have lead to the drug or alcohol abuse in the first place. For transgender clients, it is very important to make sure that they are given the respect and unified understanding of their identity. This will lay the groundwork for their paths to recovery.


Free Drug Rehabs in Washington that accept LGBTQ Clients

Most free rehab programs that offer treatment programs for addiction in Washington state will service gay, lesbian, and transgender clients. The programs that they offer, will in most cases be the same program that the general population uses in their recovery. Due to funding constraints in Washington, delivering a separate program is often not cost-effective to the center. 

What does addiction treatment look like in an LGBTQ friendly rehab center?

The program will not assume that you are heterosexual and will encourage you to identify with your chosen gender if you are transgender. The materials will have same-sex couples and gender-neutral check-boxes for marital status. you will be able to discuss your relationship issues and issues related to your own sexuality using the principles of gay affirmative practice.

Addiction rates for the LGBTQ community according to the most recent study conducted in 2016, have included sexual orientation, and sexual identity to their survey of adults. This most recent data collection has found that almost a third of the LGBTQ population (30%) is addicted to drugs or alcohol. This is among the highest number of affected people in the nation. Heterosexuals are around 10% addicted rates as of 2016. For help finding the right LGBTQ friendly drug rehabilitation center in Washington call us now.  We can help you find out what options are available in your area for treatment.


Outpatient therapy and treatment for LGBTQ-identified people in Washington

Therapy and outpatient treatment for addictions is the right solution for some people suffering from addiction to drugs or alcohol. Therapists that specialize in treating LGBT and gay clients can offer many services to LGBTQ communities. Working with an outpatient program or a private therapist is often the only option for specialized treatment options in certain areas throughout the state.

Below we have listed some of the group meetings that are gay and LGBTQ friendly. We offer this list to help those that are looking for free, gay-friendly groups for their addiction and have nowhere to turn for help. Addiction No More offers these groups as a free service to the ongoing aftercare that is much needed in the LGBTQ community.


As Bill Sees It
This is an early morning Monday through Friday group that meets at 7:00 am for an open discussion and support meeting.
115 15th Ave E Ste 201
Seattle Washington 98112

Tahoma River Survivors
This group is a closed meeting for the LGBTQ community held on Wednesdays at 11:00 Am. This is a discussion group with topics that will be chosen by the group (this is a 90 min Group)
23409 Dorre Don Way SE
Maple Valley Washington 98383

Thursday Men’s Roundtable
This is a closed discussion group that meets on Thursdays at 5:30 pm The is a gay men’s group and is also to those who identify on the male spectrum.
303 17th Ave E
Seattle, Washington 98112

Women in Recovery
This is an open group that meets on Thursdays at 5:30 pm for women and those who identify on the female spectrum. There is an option for childcare set up at the meeting place for parents that cannot afford a sitter.
27225 Military road S
Federal Way Washington 98003

Rainbow In Recovery
This is an open discussion meeting held on Thursdays at 7:30 pm. topics are chosen to help those struggling with addictive behaviors and need an accepting group to further their own sobriety.
Church Of Christ
30012 Military Road
Federal Way Washington 98003

Broadway Group Coffee Talk
This group has it all Big Book Study, steps work help, Live and Let Live, Serenity group, study group, and support. This group meets on Saturdays at 8:00 PM and continues until 10:00 or so depending on need.
Rainbow Alano Club
224 S Howard St
Spokane Washington 99201

Transgender, non-binary, gender Non-conforming, and gender-queer specific support groups in Washington.

WGA Support Group in Bellingham Washington
Meetings held on Tuesdays at 7:30pm-9: 00 pm at the St James Presbyterian Church (entrance is located up the steps to the building and the entrance is the furthest door to the right, sign will be in the window)
901 14th St
Bellingham Washington 98225

WGA Support Group in Everett Washington
This group meets on Wednesdays from 7:30 To 9:00 Pm at the first Congregational united Church Of Christ In Everett Washington.
The meeting space is on the main floor Use main entrance and proceed to the last door on the right (the Parlor) The church allows for a few groups to meet at the same time so there may be a bit of a crowd.
2624 Rockefeller Ave (Park On the north side of the building)
Everett Washington 98201

WGA support group in Shoreline Washington
This is a Monday meeting held at the CHS Building in Shoreline from 7:30-9:00 Pm. Access to the meeting will be through the front double doors on the west side of the building ( there will be a sign on the door with specific instructions on where to go)
17018 15 Ave NE
shoreline Washington 98115

This is not the complete list of non-binary support groups in Washington and is subject to change as new meetings start and old ones fade away. Please give us a call or email us to have your meeting put on the list of resources for transgender individuals looking for support and addiction help.

Where do I find free gay-friendly rehabs in Washington?

We have set up an LGBTQ drug addiction hotline for those seeking treatment for their addictions to drugs or alcohol in a gay-friendly drug rehab. We have programs that offer treatment and counseling for those seeking help in their early recovery from drugs and alcohol. Addiction No More’s counselors are waiting to take your call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our intake counselors can answer any questions that you might have.


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For help in locating a rehab center for addiction please call us today. This is a confidential and private call. We are here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call us any time. 
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