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Drug Overdose Deaths Accelerating Due to Covid 19 (Coronavirus)

Covid 19 has been hard on everyone but no group has been hit harder than those that have an underlying addiction to drugs or alcohol. Finding help for addiction during the coronavirus pandemic can be difficult but not impossible. Getting help before something adverse happens can be the difference between life and death. Depression and addiction to drugs or alcohol have been increasing every day as we enter another phase of lockdown or restrictions. 
As we continue with social distancing, restrictions, and lockdowns many people will feel added pressures that they would not normally have to deal with in everyday life. Significant restrictions on the social aspect of our lives have added many more stresses to our everyday life. With the added pressure of employment, making money, paying the bills, and housing, the overdose death rate has skyrocketed past all perceived estimates. 

If you know someone struggling with addiction or are struggling yourself,m there are solutions that can help you gain control of your life once again. Do not let COVID 19 Depression be the cause of your overdose of drugs or alcohol. There are solutions available to you. 

Overdose deaths rising again in 2020 is the highest recorded overdose rate ever recorded for a 12 month period.
Overdose deaths are continuing to rise in the country. The most recent survey done by the CDC from May 2019 to may 2020 estimates the overdose death toll at over 81,000 people for a 12 month period. This is the highest number of fatal overdoses ever recorded for a 12 month period. 

With the overdose death rate increasing in early 2020 before the Coronavirus Pandemic (COVID19), recent studies are starting to show an even larger acceleration of the overdose death toll for 2021. The pandemic has caused a significant disruption in the daily lives of most people throughout the country. It has hit those that struggle with substance abuse disorders hard and is one of the main contributing factors in the rise of overdoses for 2021.

Overdose deaths involving synthetic opioids appear to be the driving force behind the overdose death increase, which has risen  38.4% nationally over a 12 month period. With 37 of the 38 jurisdictions in The United States reporting an increase in opioid-involved overdoses, the need for detox and treatment could not be greater. Eighteen of these jurisdictions reported a staggering 50% increase in deaths involving opioids and 10 western states reported a 98% increase.

Overdoses involving cocaine have also increased in 2020 by 26.5%.  Earlier research has linked these deaths to co-use or contaminated cocaine with manufactured fentanyl or heroin. overdose deaths involving methamphetamines or psychostimulants have increased by 34.8% making the number higher than cocaine-related overdoses in the country. 
With the death toll rising and COVID 19 still running rampant in the country, the need for treatment programs that can offer “safe treatment during the pandemic” could not be greater. Most programs in the United States have adjusted their curriculum and program offerings to include a “covid safe treatment program” for addiction to drugs or alcohol. Treatment can be safe during the pandemic. Programs that offer quarantine spaces for new arrivals with medical supervision have the safest spaces for treatment during the Coronavirus pandemic. 
Do not let yourself be a part of this rising death statistic. Get help today for your addiction to drugs or alcohol. There is help out there and we can help guide you to the best treatment program for addiction during the COVID 19 pandemic. Treatment can include telehealth and video conferencing to ensure the safety of the counselors and patients alike. Give us a call to discuss your options either in or outside of your area. 

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