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Detox Centers in Pennsylvania

There are many types of detox clinics in Pennsylvania. These drug detox centers are mainly located in the larger populous cities throughout the state. To ensure proper placement into a detox facility for alcohol or drug addiction your best option is to call and speak to one of our certified counselors. We are here to help you locate a detox center as soon as possible. We can answer any questions you may have and help you to become more informed as to what exactly you may need in regard to detoxification. This will ensure that the detox facility that is able to handle your specific dependency issue and needs. Give us a call toll-free 24 hours a day and we can get you into the best detoxification center in Pennsylvania. If you have found yourself looking for a detox program in Pennsylvania you have already thought there might be a problem that needs professional help. Treatment for most addictions to drugs or alcohol begins with medical detox. Medical detoxification is normally done in an inpatient drug or alcohol detox center. We have provided some information to help you determine whether or not you may need to start your recovery with a visit to a detox clinic in Pennsylvania.

Find Detox Centers Near Me

We can help you locate treatment for addiction in your area or anywhere in the country. To locate aa meetings, group meetings, 12-step programs, inpatient treatment, or outpatient services in your town give us a call. There are many options for drug rehab services in many cities in Pennsylvania.

Altoona, PA Drug Rehabs
Erie, Pennsylvania Addiction Treatment
Hampden, PA Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation
Haverford, Pennsylvania Substance Abuse Treatment
Langhorne, PA 30/90-Day Treatment Centers
Laurel Run Pennsylvania Inpatient Drug Rehab Programs
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Cost of Medical Detox 

Depending on the insurance plan there may be a few things that need to be handled in order to ensure that your detox will be covered by your insurance plan. Most of the big providers like Aetna, Cigna, Blue Cross/ Blue Shield, Kaiser, and others do have detox offerings for their clients and members. To ensure that you can get the most out of your insurance it is important to have a third party handle the paperwork before calling yourself. Insurance companies will offer individuals a different option that is more beneficial to their bottom line when you are in fact entitled to find the best solution for your medical needs. Costs associated with entering into a detoxification facility in Pennsylvania can range from zero dollars for a social detoxification center up to 20,000 for a rapid opioid detox center in the state of Pennsylvania. State and county-funded detox programs in Pennsylvania receive state funding to offer treatment and detox for addiction to drugs or alcohol. Detoxification programs offered at a social detox center can vary from a “Cold Turkey” type program to a medicated detox depending on the state-funded detox center in Pennsylvania. To find out more about how much detox centers can cost, call us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If you would like any further information regarding the detox centers near you, give us a call and we can get you pointed in the right direction. For a more comprehensive list of detox programs, or addiction recovery home and rehab services, feel free to either give us a call or fill out this form. Response time is usually 24 hours for e-mail and immediate for calls.

Do not wait any longer to call if you are experiencing withdrawal symptoms. Some withdrawal can be deadly. We can help you find many types of treatment and detox centers immediately. Our trained counselors will help you find the best detox program for your specific circumstances. Call us toll-free and we will get you all the information that you will need to get into a detox center for your addiction now. We can help you or someone you love find the best Detox Center for addiction today. Addiction No More is an Addiction Treatment Center locator service. For immediate service, please call one of our counselors 24/7.

Please Note: This is not an official Assessment or Evaluation form. This form is not admissible in court or for probation officers and is not accepted by caseworkers. Addiction No More is here to help you find treatment for addiction. We can not give any legal advice. If you are looking for a rehab center please fill out this form or call us now.

Disclaimer: This evaluation is not intended to constitute a diagnosis of any disorder. The information provided here cannot substitute for a full evaluation by a health professional which must be done in person. Call us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for help locating a treatment center for addiction.


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Different Detoxification Options

At-Home Detoxification Kits: At-home detox kits are mainly used as a body cleansing system and are not a safe alternative to medical detox. Please consult a medical professional before attempting this type of detox at home. 

Holistic Detox Methods: Holistic detox programs incorporate Eastern holistic practices and vitamin therapy to help ease withdrawal symptoms. Treatment can include massage therapy, Reiki healing, acupuncture, and yoga. 

Rapid Detox for Opioid Addiction: Rapid detox centers in Pennsylvania utilize anesthesia to put the individual into a deep sleep and flush out the drugs in a short period of time 2-4 hours. 

Medically Assisted Detox Centers: These programs are usually in a stand-alone medical facility or in a hospital inpatient detox center. These programs utilize the latest detox medications to help the individual wean down from their drug of choice. Drugs normally used in detox can include Suboxone, Buprenorphine, Methadone, and Benzodiazepines like Xanax.

Cold Turkey: “Cold Turkey” is a method where you just stop the use of drugs or alcohol. This form of detox is not recommended for most prescription medications and alcohol. There are a few drugs that can be safe to stop without medical supervision IE: Cocaine, Methamphetamines, Marijuana, and LSD. 

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How to Tell if You Need a Medical Detox for Drug Addiction

Once you have made the decision to stop using drugs or alcohol, it is important to consult a healthcare professional or counselor to determine if a medically supervised detox in Pennsylvania is needed. Not all drugs will require a medical detox and depending on the alcohol use and symptoms of the individual will determine if a medical detox is needed for an alcohol abuse problem.  With some drugs or with heavy alcohol use, it is mandatory to undergo a hospital inpatient detox program. There are many drugs that do not require a medicated detox but the list of the ones that do is much greater than the drugs that do not require detox. Medical detox is recommended for most prescription medication dependencies. Below we have listed common drugs that need a medical detox in order to ensure the safety of the individual coming off of these medications or drugs. 

Most people looking for a detox facility will seek the aid of a drug or alcohol rehab center to determine if there is a need for a medical detox before entering into treatment for addiction to drugs or alcohol. Not all drugs require a medicated detox, for example, Cocaine or Marijuana do not require a medicated detox and can be facilitated for the individual on an outpatient basis. Those that are suffering from alcohol addiction will usually be required to enter a hospital inpatient detox center prior to entering into treatment. The withdrawal symptoms from alcohol could have life-threatening consequences if not done in a medical facility. Some other drugs that require medical detox are Heroin, Opioids, and Prescription drugs such as Xanax, Vicodin, Hydrocodone, and Oxycontin. If planning on detoxifying from psychiatric medications, consult your doctor before quitting cold turkey. 

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Withdrawal Timelines for Common Drugs and Alcohol

Withdrawal from drugs or alcohol starts as soon as the individual stops consuming the addictive substance. Different substances can have different timelines of withdrawal symptoms with many variables that can determine the extent of the withdrawal symptoms. Different variables can be the length of use, how often the usage is, and the amount of the substance that is normally consumed. 

Alcohol: Withdrawal from alcohol can start in as little as 8 hours from the last consumed drink and peaks around 24-48 hours and can last for up to 10 days.

Heroin: Heroin withdrawal usually starts around 10-12 hours after the last dose and can last for up to a few months.

Prescription Medications: Depending on the medication withdrawal can start 1-4 days after the last dose and can last for months, and even years if not treated in a medical facility. 

Prescription Opiates: Withdrawal starts 8-12 hours after the last dose and lasts up to 10 days if treated in a medical detox unit in Pennsylvania.

If you are experiencing any withdrawal symptoms, please give us a call today and we can help you find a detox center near you. If you are experiencing any alcohol withdrawal symptoms get help immediately.


Local detox centers in Pennsylvania

Below we have listed a few certified medical detox facilities that offer a safe detox from most drugs and alcohol. For a complete list of centers and treatment programs in Pennsylvania please feel free to give us a call toll-free 24 hours a day 7 days a week. 


Department of Veterans Affairs Center for Addiction Treatment
The VA Medical Center in Butler, Pennsylvania offers Buprenorphine treatment for opioid dependency through its veteran’s substance abuse program. The program can include services for active service members, inactive military veterans, and their families. Treatment can include residential outpatient therapy, inpatient short-term treatment for veterans, and medical detox from prescription medications.
Veterans Affairs Medical Center 
35 New Castle Rd 
Butler, Pennsylvania

BHS  Regional  Recovery Center 
The BHS Recovery Center in Butler, Pennsylvania offers hospital inpatient detox from opioids and prescription medication abuse. This is a private care facility that will accept most insurance policies once the deductible has been met. Fentanyl assistance for co-payments is available through a 3rd party. Specializing in outpatient therapy and partial hospitalization treatment for those needing to remain at home or continue working while undergoing the therapy portion of the program. This program is certified to accept Tricare (military insurance).
BHS Regional Recovery Center 
911 E Brady St
Butler, Pennsylvania

Crossroads  Drug and Alcohol Treatment
Crossroads of Erie, Pennsylvania offers second-chance treatment for criminal justice clients seeking a life without the need for addiction. Crossroads has a medicated withdrawal wean-down program for opioid and prescription medication addiction. The program uses Buprenorphine detox wean down, drug and alcohol treatment, short-term inpatient treatment for prescription medication abuse, and aftercare programs that offer halfway house referrals for program graduates. 
Crossroads Drug and Alcohol Treatment Services
414 W 5th St 
Erie, Pennsylvania

SPHS Behavioral Health
SPHS Behavioral Health offers medical inpatient detox services for those that have become dependent on their pain medications. This program utilizes the latest detox medications to help the individual seeking treatment withdraw in their painless detox center for opioid recovery. SPHS Behavioral also offers outpatient therapy for those seeking an aftercare program to help keep their addiction under control. Treatment and detox services in Connellsville, Pennsylvania can be paid for through your private healthcare insurance once verified. There are other payment options available and there are indigent beds available for those in need of treatment. 
SPHS Behavioral Health Care
1047 Morell Ave
Connellsville, Pennsylvania

Gateway Rehab Center in Aliquippa, Pennsylvania
The Gateway Rehab Center in Pennsylvania is a teen and adolescent treatment program. Programs offered to start with a residential detox program for teens using medications to handle the symptoms and discomforts that withdrawal from opioids. Treatment offered can include residential short-term treatment for adolescents and teens, long-term inpatient treatment programs for teenagers in Pennsylvania, and outpatient treatment and mentoring programs for teens that have developed a substance abuse problem. 
Gateway Rehab the Aliquippa Main Campus 
100 Moffett Rd 
Aliquippa, Pennsylvania
Detox Centers In Pennsylvania
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If you are searching for a detox center near where you live, we can help you get placed into a detox and withdrawal programs today. Medical detox is necessary for the withdrawal of opioids and detox from alcohol. We can help you find a detox center in Pennsylvania today.