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W-18 Addiction Treatment

W-18 is the new drug to hit the United States and it is 10,000 times more powerful than Morphine. This drug is believed to be made in China, before being sold to online retailers and distributors. W-18 is believed to be 10,000 times more powerful than morphine recently being detected in Canada, Florida, and Australia.

When W-18 hits the streets in the United States, we will see a huge spike in overdoses and deaths, according to the Sacramento-based Chemist, Brian Escamilla. Originally thought to be a problem only in Canada, the recent recovery of 2.5 pounds of the drug in Broward County Florida, tells us that the opioid problem is much worse than previously detected. 

This drug is a killer and is being used as an additive to low-quality Heroin to make it stronger. W-18 is normally found in powder form and has been seen made into a pill form. In West Palm Beach alone, there have been over 11 deaths already this year from Heroin overdoses. Call us toll-free to find out about the options available to you.


w18 drug
W-18 is not, as of yet, detectable to any known drug test on the market so the amount and frequency of the drug in the heroin supply is still indeterminant until test kits are distributed to law enforcement agencies around the country. With the recent discovery of Elephant tranquilizers cut into heroin in Ohio this trend seems to be growing not shrinking its severity. 

W-18: Where Did It Come From?

W-18 was first developed in laboratories at the University of Alberta over 30 years ago. W-18 was originally designed to be an opioid substitute with less addictive properties than the current painkillers on the market. The drug was filed and issued a patent in 1984 but due to the extreme potency, the drug was shelved and denied production by all the pharmaceutical companies. 

When chemists in China found the formula, they quickly turned the drug into a cheap and not yet illegal, illicit drug. The first sign of the resurgence of the drug was in 2015 when police seized 110 pills in a drug raid which tested positive for the W-18 substance.

Recent reports are coming in that the W-18 drug has been found in the heroin and cocaine in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This is bad news for the state, as it has had a real hard time with Fentanyl-laced heroin for the last 10 years. W-18 will start to cause real damage as it gets put into the mainstream drug supply. 
The problem is that we are not looking for drug M-18. There have been many underground reports of the drug being used and distributed through mainstream drug trafficking cartels, due to the cheap price tag of the drug M-18. We here, at Addiction No More, are worried that this drug may have found its way into the hands of heroin dealers here in the United States, as well. With the recent drastic increase of reported heroin overdoses mainly attributed to the drug, Fentanyl, we wonder how much of the heroin is actually being cut with W-18 and not detected by conventional testing practices. 


What are the long-lasting effects of W-18?

There has been no significant research done on W-18 since the early ’80s.  Right now, it is unsure what the drug will do to humans because chemists do not know what the potential side effects of the drug might be. The drug was never tested on humans and the effects are completely unknown. There is no research on what scepters are affected by the drug or anything about the acute effects of the drug. 
Our W-18 addiction helpline is here to help you find the best treatment option for your addiction. We have set up a hotline for those that need to find a good solution for their addiction to heroin and W-18. Sometimes, it may be best for the individual to seek help outside of their area for privacy, and safety issues, which sometimes follow a W-18 dependency. Give us a call and we can get you the help you need inside or outside of your area. Our service is completely free to you, so at least take advantage of our extensive knowledge base to get yourself informed as to the different types of treatment and therapy that are on the cutting edge of recovery.


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W-18 Addiction Treatment
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W-18 Addiction Treatment
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