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Residential Drug Rehab Centers in Hudson, New Hampshire

You may find it overwhelming when searching for good Residential Drug Rehab Centers in Hudson, New Hampshire. There are a lot of options in Hudson such as 5 low-cost treatment centers, 4 drug rehabs that take private insurance such as Aetna, Cigna, or Blue Cross Blue Shield, 1 detox center, and 4 outpatient rehabs. Finding the best drug rehabilitation program will depend on several factors specific to the person who is seeking treatment for their drug addiction. Different addictions can benefit from specific treatment methods. It is sometimes beneficial for the client to go to treatment further away from home. Getting away from temptations and friends who may still be using is often better for many people. Clients who go to rehab in another state also have a harder time leaving treatment early as well. Depending on the situation, our counselors may suggest looking for substance abuse programs that are a plane flight away. To ensure that the program can handle all of the underlying issues that have led to the addiction it is very important to be knowledgeable in the different types of programs and therapy models and how they work for specific addictions. When seeking a private drug rehabilitation program in Hillsborough County New Hampshire it is better to be informed before making the biggest decision of your life to date. 
 Our counselors at Addiction No More can offer many options of private inpatient treatment centers, outpatient rehabs for addiction, and detox centers with many other alternatives. If you are seeking a substance abuse treatment program for yourself or for someone you love struggling with addiction in Hudson, call us now for immediate help.  


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Can you make someone go to rehab against their will in New Hampshire?

When an individual starts down a path towards addiction or is immersed in chronic drug or alcohol abuse, the answer is yes of course it can. With the help of detox, support groups, one on one therapy, holistic treatment programs, or medication-assisted treatment plans, a person can create an individualized treatment plan focused on handling the specific addiction, trauma, and mental health concerns. 

Although it may be possible to get someone who is on drugs committed if they pose an imminent danger to themselves, committing someone just for a substance abuse issue may not be permitted in New Hampshire. The state is one of the minority states that do not allow for substance abuse as a determining factor to being involuntarily committed and treated. 

There is a better option to involuntary commitment. Holding an intervention and getting the addict to commit to receiving help for their disease themselves is a significantly better choice. Interventionists in the Hudson area have helped thousands of families get their loved ones back and this is the better option for long-lasting results. If you need help finding an interventionist in Hudson, New Hampshire, we can help. We have interventionists who travel all over the country to ensure that when the time is needed they will be there. 

The consequences of not entering into treatment for substance abuse or putting it off until a later date are almost too many to list.
Here are a few. 

*DWI/ DUI  if caught driving under the influence
*Health problems
*Broken or strained relationships
*Loss of job or income
*Arrest for possessing, consuming, buying, or selling illegal substances
*Financial problems

Locally available treatment programs include:

Inpatient rehab
Secular (non-religious) programs
IOP Outpatient therapy
Women Only Treatment Centers
30-day 60-day 90-day residential substance abuse centers
LGBTQ drug rehab centers
Holistic treatment programs
Mental health treatment centers
Detox Centers

How rehab works

Get Help Now Before it is Too Late

In New Hampshire, it is estimated that 100,000 people are in need of treatment for substance abuse disorders. With the state ranking third in the nation for overdose deaths per capita New Hampshire has a huge problem to deal with. New Hampshire has been hit harder than most states by the opioid epidemic. with the rising death toll that the state has been recording they have found themselves in the top five states with the most opioid deaths per capita as of July 2022. The newest data available has been released showing that 2022 was the worst year since 2017 for overdose deaths. There were 434 confirmed overdose deaths and another 39 that were still pending review. The officials also reported that the majority of overdose deaths involved fentanyl. In 2021 Hillsborough County alone recorded 2223 of the New Hampshire EMS drug overdose calls. The latest statistics show that 10% of all drug-related overdose calls have turned out to be fatal. Roughly 45% of all overdoses happen in the home of the victim. 

To learn more about treatment centers in your area, call to speak with one of our free rehab placement specialists. Our goal is to help you find the best rehab center in Hillsborough County, New Hampshire, or anywhere in the United States. Below we have listed some of the drug rehab programs that are available in the area to give you some resources to start your search for affordable and effective rehab center programs in New Hampshire. We have also listed some of the AA and or NA meetings to help with aftercare planning and ongoing support while in recovery.


Merrimack River Medical Services offers substance abuse counseling services and medication-assisted treatment plans. Therapy approaches can include CBT, DBT, substance abuse counseling, trauma-related counseling Rational emotive behavioral therapy, and relapse prevention. Payments accepted include Medicaid, cash self-payments, Tricare insurance, and government-funded grants and monies.
Merrimack River Medical Services
323 Derry Rd.
Hudson, NH 03051

Process Recovery Center offers medication-assisted detox and maintenance/tapering programs for opioid abuse in Hudson, NH. Treatment and services while on the MAT program include CBt, DBT, REBT, Brief intervention approach, CMMI, 12-step counseling, relapse prevention, and trauma therapy among others. Payments accepted include cash or self-payment, private health insurance, military insurance, Medicaid, and private health insurance.
Process Recovery Center
41 Sagamore Park Rd.
Hudson, NH 03051

Keystone Hall, provides residential treatment programs, substance abuse counseling, medical detoxification services, individualized counseling, and cash management. This program has services for men, women, and those who are under the age of 18. This is a program that caters to the lower-income population and has services that work on a sliding fee scale. Dual diagnosis rehab center programs are available.
Keystone Hall, A Program of Harbor Care
615 Amherst St, Nashua
New Hampshire, 03063

Recovery resources and sober recovery meetings near Hudson, New Hampshire

Hudson Sunday Morning Group meets from 11 am-12 pm on Sundays for an open speaker and discussion formatted group therapy session.
Hudson Sunday Morning Group
1 Fulton Street
Hudson, NH, 03051

Spark of Hope Alcohol Only meets on Mondays from 12-1 pm for an open discussion and speaker-formatted group therapy AA meeting.
Spark of Hope Alcohol Only
158 Mammoth Road
Lowell, MA, 01850

Happy Destiny Big Book Step Study Group meets on Mondays from 7-8 pm for a 12-step meeting, Big Book study, and speaker-formatted groups.
Topics and formatted meetings change weekly.
Happy Destiny Big Book Step Study Group
2 Main Street
Brookline, NH, 03033


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Residential Drug Rehab Centers in Hudson, New Hampshire
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Residential Drug Rehab Centers in Hudson, New Hampshire
Hudson, New Hampshire drug rehabs, treatment for addiction in Hillsborough County
If you need help locating an inpatient rehabilitation program for alcohol or substance abuse in Hudson, New Hampshire, call to speak with one of our counselors today (24/7 Service). We are here to help you find a treatment center that is close to Hudson, NH. Most drug rehabs in Hillsborough County will be able to work with your insurance so you can enroll at little to no out-of-pocket cost.


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