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Residential Drug Rehab Centers in Bangor, Maine

There is a wide variety of Residential Drug Rehab Centers in Bangor, Maine. Top rehab centers in Boise offer state-of-the-art treatment programs and amenities that can rival some 5-star hotels. Most of the ultra-private exclusive treatment programs can accept insurance and cash or self-payments to cover the costs of treatment. These types of services can help someone overcome addictions to drugs or alcohol. Treatment programs available in the state can include residential programs, outpatient therapy programs, medication-assisted treatment with detox, and partial hospitalization day treatment programs.

Finding the best rehab program might not be in your backyard. For many people, Maine is a great state to go to for addiction treatment. A lot of the recovery programs there have rocky beaches, and lighthouses, which makes for a relaxing and peaceful setting for recovery. For those who like lighthouses, Maine boasts over 60 historic lighthouses throughout the state. For people who want a quiet and serene place to begin their treatment, Bangor, Maine might be the right choice for you. Maine is a great place to start your recovery with its awesome architecture and rich history. These coastal towns offer some of the best treatment programs for addiction in the country.  So if you are willing to look for rehab away from home, you may find a better option in Bangor, Maine. 

If you need help locating an inpatient rehabilitation program for alcohol or substance abuse in Penobscot County, call to speak with one of our counselors today (24/7 Service). We are here to help you find a treatment center that is close to Bangor, Maine. Your options for treatment in Bangor include 9 drug rehabs that take private PPO insurance such as Cigna, United Healthcare, Blue Cross Blue Shield, 9 treatment centers that take Medicaid, and at least 10 outpatient treatment programs. Most drug rehabs will be able to work with your insurance so you can enroll at little to no out-of-pocket cost. Addiction to drugs or alcohol can be a complex and often isolating disease. It is best handled by enrolling in a residential drug or alcohol rehab center program. Do not wait until it is too late to find recovery for yourself or a loved one, get help now.


Depressed man speaking with counselor at Residential Drug Rehab Centers in Bangor, Maine

Locally available treatment programs include:
Inpatient rehab
Residential substance abuse programs
IOP drug rehab center programs
Gender-specific treatment centers
90-day drug rehab center programs
30-day residential substance abuse centers,
LGBTQ drug rehab centers
Holistic treatment programs
Outpatient therapy
Mental health treatment centers
Detox Centers

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Bangor, ME. is no stranger to its own substance abuse problems.  In 2019, there were 380 drug overdose deaths in the state; 84% were due to opioids, at least in part. 
Nearly four in 10 substance use treatment admissions listed alcohol as the primary reason for treatment in 2018, followed by heroin/morphine, and other opiates/synthetics. In 2018, nearly half (47%) of primary admissions were related to either opioids or opiates which is consistent with previous years. The proportion of primary admissions related to synthetic opiates continues to decrease as primary admissions involving heroin/morphine continue to increase. Fentanyl has also become a huge factor in the overdose rates increasing over the last couple of years in 2021-2022.

Below we have listed a few of the different drug rehab centers in Bangor, Me., including inpatient, outpatient, detox, and other drug rehab services. We have also listed some of the recovery meetings in Penobscot County to help with the aftercare and recovery process. If you need further assistance or would like to talk to a rehab specialist about the choices near you, give us a call and we can assist you in finding the best residential drug rehab in your city today.


Wellspring offers detox programs for alcohol, benzodiazepines, cocaine, methamphetamines, opioids, and heroin addictions. Other services include programs for co-occurring mental health and substance abuse disorders, and sober living homes and environments. Payments accepted include Medicaid, private health insurance, and cash or self-payment options. 
98 Cumberland Street
 Bangor, Maine, 04401

New Season Treatment Center offers detox programs for alcohol and substance abuse, sober living holms, aftercare programs, and mental health conditions treatment. This program in Bangor, Maine offers medication-assisted treatment plans for opioids, alcohol, and benzodiazepines.  Payments accepted include cash or self payments, and state-financed insurance plans other than Medicaid. 
New Season Treatment Center
659 Hogan Rd
Bangor, Maine, 04402

Hope House Health and Living Center offers outpatient treatment programs and medication-assisted treatment programs through their health and wellness center in Bangor Maine. MAT programs use buprenorphine, or naltrexone to make detox and tapering programs painless. Payments accepted include Medicaid, medicare, private health insurance, cash or self-payments, and Tricare. 
Hope House Health and Living Center
179-181 Corporate Drive
 Bangor, Maine, 04401

Bangor Comprehensive Treatment Center offers MAT treatment programs outpatient therapy programs, and telemedicine counseling sessions. MAT treatment programs use buprenorphine methadone or naltrexone.  Payments accepted include private health insurance, Medicaid, cash or self-payments, and state-financed insurance plans. 
Bangor Comprehensive Treatment Center
74 Dowd Road
Bangor, Maine, 04401

Recovery resources and sober recovery meetings near Bangor, Maine

Heard It Through The Grapevine Brewer holds groups Monday- Friday from 12-1 pm. These are open discussion-type formatted group therapy sessions.
Heard It Through The Grapevine Brewer
142 Center Street
Brewer, ME, 04412

Fresh Start Group Bangor holds meetings 5 days a week with different topics and formats for those seeking a group with options.
Monday- 12-1 pm Step meeting
Tuesday 12-1 pm open newcomer
Wedensday 12-1pm open newcommer
Thursday 12-1 open living sober
Friday 12-1 pm open step meeting and traditions
Fresh Start Group Bangor
120 Park Street
Bangor, ME, 04401

Out to Lunch Bunch Group Meets Monday-Friday from 12-1 pm for an open discussion group therapy meeting.
Out to Lunch Bunch Group
61 State Street
Brewer, ME, 04412

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Residential Drug Rehab Centers in Bangor, Maine
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Residential Drug Rehab Centers in Bangor, Maine
Bangor, Maine drug rehabs, treatment for addiction in Penobscot County
If you need help locating an inpatient rehabilitation program for alcohol or substance abuse in Bangor, call to speak with one of our counselors today (24/7 Service). We are here to help you find a treatment center that is close to Bangor ME. Most drug rehabs in Penobscot County will be able to work with your insurance so you can enroll at little to no out-of-pocket cost.


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