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What is ATR (Access to Recovery)?

Access to Recovery is a federal grant. Individual states control to whom the treatment funds will be dispersed. ATR has opened up the door to treatment for those who normally would not be able to seek and afford treatment on their own. Some states have an extensive list of centers that qualify for the Access To Recovery program.

The Department of Human Services will use grant funds to provide vouchers that you will be able to use to receive treatment and support services through community-based/faith-based organizations. Each patient will have a care coordinator to assist them in accessing needed services. The program also has an alternative recovery program as well as Christian treatment centers.

Access To Recovery is a grant-funded initiative that provides vouchers to clients for purchase, for substance use disorder clinical treatment, and recovery support services. The goals of the program are to expand capacity, support client choice, and increase the array of faith-based and community-based providers for clinical treatment and recovery support services.  Call us now and we can help you find the best drug rehab center.


Why is Access To Recovery different from other state-funded options for treatment?

When searching for addiction treatment that is funded by the state, the options for treatment are very limited. Clients that are eligible and accepted into the Access To Recovery program have more choices for treatment and the individuals’ caseworker worker to help them find the best option that is available in the ATR system. Only lessened clinical programs are included as well as community support programs and faith-based treatment centers that are accepted into the program. We can help you locate a state-funded program today. We are ready to take your call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 


How do you find drug treatment centers that accept Access To Recovery vouchers?

The Access To Recovery program was specifically designed to allow clients a clear choice of treatment centers and treatment models that comply with the guidelines laid out by each state’s policies. When the client meets with their counselor, they are given provider profiles and phone numbers so that they may be able to choose the treatment center that will work best for them.

Can I choose any treatment provider for my addiction?

Not every treatment center is part of the Access To Recovery program due to the fact that they have not applied to be a part of the program. Some exceptions can be made if the treatment center will provide the information that the ATR program needs to include their center on the list. No single program or treatment model will be effective in treating addiction for every person. This is why there are treatment choices and different treatment models available to help you make an informed and educated choice. Pairing the treatment with the client has proven to be more effective in treating the addiction that is in question.


What happens if I choose the wrong program and want to change centers?

When working within the ATR program, the choice has become the cornerstone of the service provided. Sometimes the choice is not the best match for the client’s needs. Even the most informed choices can sometimes lead the client to the wrong center to handle their specific needs. If a client finds themselves in this rare situation there are provisions that cover this already in place. You can get back in touch with your caseworker and they can help you find the correct treatment center that will be a better fit for your specific needs. You will need to schedule an appointment and have another evaluation to better treat the needs that were not addressed at the previous center.

Eligibility and enrollment into the Access To Recovery Programs

You are eligible for the Access To Recovery program if you meet the criteria that is set up by the individual state’s ATR board. Usually, the guidelines are quite straightforward.
  • Must be 18 years of age
  • Have a history of drug or alcohol abuse
  • Income must be at or below 200% of the federal poverty levels that were reported in 2010
  • Must have a valid ID and be able to prove that you live in the county you are seeking treatment in.

How long are the ATR programs?

When a client is accepted into the ATR program they are given a voucher that is good for 28-90 days of treatment at the center of their choice. Depending on the guidelines that your state has set up determine the length of stay that is permitted through the voucher program. If in fact, the length of treatment is not sufficient for the client’s individual needs, the program has provisions to cover this on a case-by-case basis. Let us help you find an Access to Recovery Program today. 


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Can a person participate in the Access To Recovery program more than once?

Unfortunately, there is no second chance for the Access To Recovery program. The program is set up as a one-time treatment option and this leaves room for those seeking treatment for the first time. Enrollment into this program is set up so people who need and want to get help for their addiction but do not have the financial means to enter treatment for their addiction, can get the help they need.

Access To Recovery Treatment Vouchers

The voucher program is an electronic record of services provided through the ATR program and a way to keep records of services rendered for each of the individuals enrolled in a treatment program. Vouchers will tell the agency the types of services covered and what the cap is for treatment funds. The number of sessions and services that the individual treatment center redeems will either lengthen or shorten the program.

What can I expect ATR to pay for while in treatment?

  • 1st level of care is in the form of Outpatient Treatment
  • 2nd level of care is intensive Inpatient Treatment
  • 3rd is Inpatient Drug Rehab Centers
  • Employment coaching
  • Spiritual counseling
  • Recovery homes
  • Vocational training
  • Transportation assistance
  • Recovery skills
  • Continuing care and counseling

There are many ways in which you can get funded for one of the many programs that offer treatment. Depending on your state and finances we will help you determine the right treatment center. Call now our counselors are here to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


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Access to Recovery is a federal grant. Individual states control to whom the treatment funds will be dispersed. ATR has opened up the door to treatment for those who normally would not be able to seek and afford treatment on their own. Some states have an extensive list of centers that qualify for the Access To Recovery program.

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