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Alcohol Detox Centers Located in Florida

Our alcohol detox centers in Florida helpline will help you find a detoxification center in your area, as well as helping with assessments to locate the best treatment center to enter after the detox process is complete. We offer free help for those who have found themselves abusing alcohol and would like to make a change for the better. We have lists of local detox centers and have listed some of them on our website. If you would like further information on these detox clinics in your area, please give our free service a call and one of our certified counselors will assist you in finding the correct solution to your alcohol abuse problems.

Florida has over 25 detox centers and we have listed a few of the programs that we know will be able to handle alcohol detoxification in a medical setting. Some of the programs will be state-funded alcohol treatment as well as a detox center, and some will be located in a more private setting, accepting health insurance and private pay. Detox clinics in Florida can have different ways that they deliver their services. This alone can create difficulty in making the right choice of detox center for your needs. Some will be in a hospital inpatient setting, while other detox centers will offer partial hospitalization detox services only.

What is an alcohol detoxification program center?

Detoxing from alcohol is usually the first step in controlling alcoholism. An alcohol detox typically consists of a medically supervised length of time that a person’s vital signs and pain are monitored to make sure the detox process is not only safe medically, but also as pain-free as possible. Some detox centers offer education and support on how to treat alcoholism while in detox.

If you feel that you have a problem with alcohol in Florida, but are not sure if the symptoms you are experiencing are directly related to alcohol abuse, we have listed a few of the common symptoms associated with a dependency on alcohol.

Once you have developed a physical dependence on alcohol you may experience some or all of the symptoms listed below.

  • Paranoia
  • Anxiety
  • Agitation
  • Tremors
  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Sweats
  • Hallucinations
  • Seizures

Not all people with an alcohol dependency problem will experience all of these symptoms and depending on your body and the severity of the alcohol problem can have an effect as to which of these symptoms that you or someone you love is experiencing. Alcohol dependency can have severe side effects if stopped abruptly without medical supervision.

*If you are unsure if you have an addiction to alcohol please take our free “Am I am Alcoholic?” test. This test is not intended to diagnose or prevent addiction but is only a free online tool to help provide more information to you.

If you would like to speak with one of our counselors, please give us a call now.


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Where can I find an alcohol detox center in Florida?

Locating a detox center can be a difficult process to undertake on your own. Most alcohol detox centers in Florida are conducted in a hospital-like setting. There are also some detoxification programs that offer an outpatient service if the staff deems that you are medically cleared to enter into this type of detox procedure. Some detoxification programs offer different withdrawal procedures to handle drug addiction and different procedures for an alcohol withdrawal program. Some alcohol dependencies can be severe and life-threatening if not medically supervised in a hospital-type setting.

Alcohol dependence is not to be taken lightly. There are severe side effects that can ensue once the intake of alcohol is either slowed down or even stopped abruptly. Always seek medical help and advice so you do not endanger either your life or the life of someone you love.

Detoxification is the first step in the recovery process and is in no way, a real substitute for the treatment of alcohol dependency. Once you have finished a detox program, following up with treatment for alcohol abuse will offer the best chances of life-long recovery from alcohol addiction.

Alcohol addiction and abuse can quickly become a family disease, affecting many areas of an individual’s life. For some people, it can take family and loved ones to get together and hold an intervention for the individual to realize that they may have a problem that needs to be handled with a treatment program of some sort.

For more information on Interventions, click HERE

Some people will find that it takes getting a ticket for driving under the influence and the possibility of their lives being complicated with legal troubles to get help for alcohol abuse. This can have, not only, a financial burden but can lead to criminal offenses that will follow you throughout your entire life. DWI and DUI deferment programs can help a person regain their status as a driver and also help clean a driving record up in order to seek not only employment but also lower insurance premiums in Florida.

Finding Treatment and Detox for Alcohol Addiction in Florida

When looking for a detox center or program in Florida, you should always ask the detox clinic about the specific services that they offer, the qualifications of the staff that will be in charge of your alcohol detoxification, and the qualifications/accreditations of the facility itself.

We will help you end the cycle of addiction that has taken hold of you or another’s life. Do not wait until something adverse happens to commit to treatment for addiction. Our counselors have been through alcohol dependence and know what it is like to be addicted. Let us help you get into the right detox center for addiction to alcohol in Florida today.

For those who need an alcohol detox or rehabilitation program, an alcohol evaluation, or an assessment, we have provided a form to help start the process of recovery from addiction today. You can also give us a call toll-free, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We can help you or someone you love find the best Detox and Rehab Center for alcohol abuse today. Addiction No More is an Addiction Treatment Center locator service. For immediate service, please call one of our counselors 24/7.

Please Note: This is not an official Assessment or Evaluation form. This form is not admissible in court or for probation officers and is not accepted by caseworkers. Addiction No More is here to help you find treatment for addiction. We can not give any legal advice. If you are looking for a rehab center please fill out this form or call us now.

Disclaimer: This evaluation is not intended to constitute a diagnosis of any disorder. The information provided here cannot substitute for a full evaluation by a health professional which must be done in person. Call us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for help locating a treatment center for addiction. Give our counselors a call and we will help you locate the best treatment option for alcohol dependence in Florida right away.


Alcohol Detox and Treatment

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Addiction No More does not personally do the screening of the detox centers listed below and in no way are the listings we have provided an endorsement of any type. We always endorse by educating you as to the different types of detox centers that are available in Florida. If you would like further information please feel free to call our free, 24-hour helpline. 


Stewart Marchman Center Inc Flagler County Outpatient
301 Justice Lane
Bunnell, FL 32110

Operation Par Inc Detoxification Program
6150 150th Avenue North
Clearwater, FL 33760

Stewart Marchman Center Inc Adult Detox and Residential Services
1200 Red John Road
Daytona Beach, FL 32124

Twelve Oaks Alcohol/Drug Recovery Ctr
2068 Healthcare Avenue
Navarre, FL 32566

Detox Program The Harbor Behavioral Healthcare Inst
6039 Pennsylvania Avenue
New Port Richey, FL 34653

Recovery Resources Enterprise Inc
450 North Lake Boulevard Suites 10 and 11
North Palm Beach, FL 33408

Metro Treatment of Florida LP DBA Pensacola Metro Treatment
6990 Pine Forest Road
Pensacola, FL 32526

Operation Par Inc NATC/Pasco
6446 Ridge Road
Port Richey, FL 34668

Town and Country Hospital Addictions Recovery Unit
6001 Webb Road
Tampa, FL 33615

Home Detox Inc
530 U.S. 41 Bypass South Unit 12-B
Venice, FL 34292

Alcohol Detox Centers in Florida
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Alcohol Detox Centers in Florida
Florida Alcohol and Drug Detox Centers
Our alcohol detox centers in Florida help line, will help you find a detoxification center in your area, as well as helping with assessments to locate the best treatment center to enter after the detox process is complete. We offer free help for those who have found themselves abusing alcohol and would like to make a change for the better
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