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Massachusetts Alcohol & Drug Rehab Centers

Massachusetts has many drug rehab centers that can help treat mental health and substance use disorders as well as detox. Below is a list of the various different treatment options in the state of Massachusetts. To find the best treatment option or the specific needs of the person needing help with addiction, give us a call today.


Insurance Accepted Addiction Treatment Centers
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When looking for a drug rehab center in Massachusetts that will accept your health insurance, you will find there are many different types of treatment programs available. Using your insurance to cover the cost of treatment for addiction to drugs or alcohol will give the individual a choice as to what treatment or service will best work for their specific addiction. Finding the best drug rehab center suited to you can give you the best chance at long-lasting recovery. Most major insurances are accepted. Aetna Insurance, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, United Healthcare, Ambetter, Medicare, Humana, Cigna Insurance, Medicaid Health Insurance, Tricare, Kaiser Permanente, Marketplace Coverage (Healthcare.gov)

Detox Centers in Massachusetts
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Treatment for most addictions to drugs or alcohol begins with medical detox. Not all drugs require a medicated detox, for example, cocaine or marijuana do not require a medicated detox and can be facilitated for the individual on an outpatient basis. Those that are suffering from alcohol addiction will usually be required to enter a hospital inpatient detox center prior to entering into treatment. The withdrawal symptoms from alcohol could have life-threatening consequences if not done in a medical facility. Some other drugs that require medical detox are heroin, opioids, and prescription drugs such as Xanax, Vicodin, Hydrocodone, and Oxycontin. Medical detoxification is normally done in an inpatient drug or alcohol detox center. We have provided some information to help you determine whether or not you may need to start your recovery with a visit to a detox clinic in Massachusetts.

High Success, Private & Luxury Treatment Programs

Luxurious Drug Rehabs
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Some need to find an ultra-private luxury rehab center to ensure anonymity and privacy. These types of private drug treatment facilities offer programs that will do their best to ensure that no one finds out about your time in treatment while enrolled and discharged from their high-end rehab facility. When clients are looking for an ultra-private rehab center it is important to stay away from the more advertised centers that may have freelancers looking to scoop a story for a paycheck. Some of the more popular treatment programs have people that watch their center for celebrities and executives that are seeking treatment at the center to report to news organizations.

Private Bed, Secluded Treatment Programs
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Private bed/room treatment programs offer a unique setting that is conducive to the recovery process. Taking into account the amount of therapy and activities offered, the level of care at our treatment centers far surpasses their state-funded counterparts. Private drug rehabs will personalize treatment to suit your situation. Phones allowed. Treatment may include holistic & traditional programs, behavioral therapies, Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) with medical staff on location along with an onsite medical detox. Private centers typically have luxurious accommodations. Accept Most PPO Insurance.

Executive Rehab Centers in Massachusetts
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Executive Drug Rehab Centers in Massachusetts offer tailor-made treatment plans to service the needs of busy professionals that need treatment for a substance abuse issue. These high-end, retreat-style, rehabilitation centers deliver a comprehensive treatment program confidentially while allowing the patient to also be able to handle work-related business while at the treatment center. Executive rehab centers cater to the wealthy, celebrities, politicians, doctors, lawyers, musicians, and more.

Dual Diagnosis Rehabilitation and Mental Health Centers
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Dual Diagnosis treatment programs are tailor-made to specifically address the co-occurring mental and substance abuse disorders. Many of the dual diagnosis treatment centers treat the individual by using an integrated approach, working with both the psychological and alcohol or drug dependency. Dual Diagnosis treatment programs are a relatively new approach in treating addiction and have gained acceptance and significant results in treating co-occurring substance disorders. Our certified counselors are here to answer any questions that you may have.

Holistic Healing Centers
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Some of the latest trends in the battle against addiction have included holistic drug rehab or natural healing centers for addiction. These programs offer unique treatment therapy models coupled with natural healing techniques to achieve a high success rate. Programs range from 30 days to 6 months in length. For those who have tried to defeat drug or alcohol addiction and have been through a traditional program before, you might want to try a different approach to treatment for addiction. Holistic and natural healing centers for addiction, treat addiction as a condition and not a disease, focusing on the mind, body, and spirit as a whole. The holistic drug rehabilitation center treatment consists of treating each of these areas to help the client achieve their freedom from addiction.

Military, Active Duty, Veterans Help
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If you or a loved one is seeking treatment for a mental health disorder or substance abuse problem, we can help you locate the best drug rehab center for Veterans in the United States. Our Veteran drug rehab program will be able to either take your insurance or possibly find a grant for you if you are uninsured. We will be able to find you programs that use evidence-based treatment methods and therapy models that have been proven helpful in treating veterans with co-occurring disorders. Veterans seeking private rehab centers for addiction to drugs or alcohol in Massachusetts now have options to seek treatment in the private sector using their military insurance, TriCare. Many of our drug rehab centers accept Tricare or work with the VA directly to secure funding so you can get the help you deserve. Veterans have served our country and it is time we serve them by giving them access to the best rehab centers.

PTSD & Drug Addiction Treatment in Massachusetts
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PTSD and addiction are very common in the United States. Treatment and recovery are possible with the right approach and therapy. Entering an Inpatient PTSD Treatment Center is always the best solution for simultaneously handling complex PTSD and Addiction problems. Inpatient Treatment programs for PTSD and co-occurring drugs or alcohol usually consist of 24-hour care at a private drug rehab center or at one of the many free PTSD treatment centers in Massachusetts. Private 28-day inpatient drug or alcohol treatment centers can offer some, if not all, of the required therapies for help in overcoming PTSD and substance abuse.


LGBTQ and Gay-Friendly Drug Rehab Centers
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Lesbian, Transgender, Bisexual, and Gay-oriented drug rehabilitation centers will have a program designed specifically for each member of the LGBTQIA+ community. We can help you understand the complex issues and inform you about the different types of LGBT and Gay-Friendly Drug Rehab Centers offered throughout Massachusetts. This invaluable information can help you make an informed decision as to what you feel would help get your recovery started.

All Female Drug Rehab Centers in Massachusetts
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With more than 4 million women needing treatment in this country every year, there has been a rise in the need for gender-specific treatment. Women can find it difficult to enter a co-ed facility for many reasons. Sometimes when addiction takes hold, there can be instances that only women can understand, and for some, speaking in a co-ed setting can be hard if not impossible. Gender-specific treatment programs for addiction, are designed to specifically target the areas in life that can be affected by addiction (biological, family, psychological, and social needs). Womenโ€™s drug addiction treatment programs focus on the treatment of substance abuse, and co-occurring mental disorders, which can sometimes be the root of the problem for some with addiction issues.

Low Cost or Free Treatment Centers in Massachusetts

Low-Cost Drug Rehabs
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Affordable treatment centers for addictions, use the same treatment models and therapy types as the more expensive treatment centers do. There are some differences in the amount of one-on-one therapy that the low-cost treatment centers offer. To offset the cost of treatment, a more affordable rehab center will not have all the amenities that an expensive rehab has. The programs they offer are anywhere from 21โ€“90 days long. We highly recommend staying at one of these centers for at least 28 days. A 90-day program typically is recommended.

Free Drug Rehabs
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Locating a substance abuse treatment center that is free of charge, can be difficult for a person that has never looked for rehab before. Funding and payment for free drug and alcohol treatment come from quite a few places. Local organizations, churches, and city, state, and federal governments help these programs offer free treatment. Some programs offer a sliding fee scale based on income assets. Those who are out of work, disabled, or can show financial hardship can be qualified for free treatment at one of these facilities. For more information on how you can be enrolled in a free drug rehab center in your area today, give us a call.

State Funded Rehab Programs
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State-funded drug rehab centers help people overcome addiction by utilizing state and federal funding to cover the cost of treatment. State-run facilities allocate funds for treatment. This allows those that need help finding free drug rehab centers the ability to enter into a program for their addiction with no monetary exchange. Massachusetts state-funded addiction treatment programs are a free public benefit service to help those in need of treatment that cannot afford to get the help needed to recover from drug addiction in Massachusetts.

Court Ordered Drug Rehab Centers & Alternative to Jail Programs
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For people who are faced with issues pertaining to drugs and addiction in Massachusetts, the courtroom judge will often have the option to order drug or alcohol rehabilitation in lieu of incarceration. This option has been available to judges across the country for over 20 years. Judges like to see an individual take responsibility for their actions and find solutions of their own accord. While involved in a court-ordered drug rehabilitation program for addiction, the courts and the treatment facility are in close and constant contact to make sure the individual is getting the help they need, as well as complying with the court-ordered mandate for treatment in the state of Massachusetts. DWI Deferment programs are also available in Massachusetts.

Rehabs in Massachusetts that take Medicaid
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You can get clean and sober with just 30 days spent at a Medicaid-accepted drug or alcohol addiction treatment center. There is help available even if you cannot afford a private drug and alcohol treatment program. Medicaid will cover the costs of inpatient drug and alcohol addiction or residential treatment programs and cover outpatient therapy and aftercare programs. Medicaid may even pay for your gas to and from the facility if enrolled in a Medicaid-approved intensive outpatient treatment program for addiction.

For more information on specific types of treatment centers for addiction, or to enter into treatment now, please give our certified counselors a call today. This is a 24-hour service. We are here to help you find and enter into the best drug rehab for you or someone you love. We can answer any questions that you may have pertaining to what treatment option will be the best fit for your current situation.


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